By Tom Hardy

Building a website using WordPress becomes easy owing to several reasons and one of them is the availability of the plugins. Table WordPress plugins let you add tables to the posts and pages that you add to the website. These tables can be created using HTML tags too but it will require a good understanding of HTML which many users do not possess. The main aim to use WordPress for website building is the ease of process and less dependence on the codes. The table plugins make the process of adding a table to the website quite easy and do away with the requirement of any coding.

You can find several such plugins that you can add to your WP website and add as many feature-rich tables for representation of data in an organized manner or for any other purpose. However, choosing the right plugin for the purpose is of extreme importance. For instance, most websites nowadays are responsive and hence, the table WordPress plugin should also be a responsive one. Also, the plugin should be compatible with the latest version of WordPress and all its themes. To make it easy for you to choose the best table WP plugin, we have compiled a list of the same. You can go through the features and download the one that you find fit for your website.

1. TablePress

The plugin helps the users in creating attractive and feature-packed tables and embed them in the posts, pages, widgets, etc. For every table you want to add, a shortcode is generated which you need to paste. Editing the data of the table can be easily done on the interface provided.


Active Installs: 400,000+
Download Link : https://wordpress.org/plugins/tablepress


2. MCE Table Buttons

MCE Table Buttons is a plugin that adds certain features to TinyMCE, a visual content editor. The features that are added to the editor are table control buttons.


Active Installs: 100,000+
Download Link : https://wordpress.org/plugins/mce-table-buttons


3. Easy Table

Easy Table is a WordPress plugin that lets you create tables in the posts, web pages, and widgets. It uses the CSV format to create tables. The plugin can also display the tables reading from a CSV file.


4. Ultimate Tables

With Ultimate Tables, you can design, make and manage tables without the need to write HTML code. Options such as sorting, searching, filtering, paging, etc. are also provided with Ultimate Tables plugin.


Active Installs: 10,000+
Download Link : https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-tables


5. wpDataTables Lite

You can add tables to the website using the plugin easily. The tables that are added are sortable and interactive. The tables can read data from different sources such as CSV, JSON, XML, and Excel.



Active Installs: 10,000+
Download Link : https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpdatatables


6. Table Maker

This plugin is ideal for those websites that need to add comparison and specification tables to the webpage. Other types of tables can also be added using Table Maker plugin. There is an option to upload images to the table and use them in the tables.


Active Installs: 9,000+
Download Link : https://wordpress.org/plugins/table-maker


7. Responsive Table

With Responsive Table plugin, you can bid adieu to the scroll bar in a mobile device. This plugin can let you convert all your tables into responsive tables. Any display with a resolution of less than 767px will show the mobile view of the table.


Active Installs: 1,000+
Download Link : https://wordpress.org/plugins/responsive-table


8. OSD Simple Table Generator

The tables can be created very quickly using this plugin. There are some simple tags that need to be used for creating tables with the plugin. The best feature of OSD simple table generator is that it is very lightweight.


Active Installs: 1,000+
Download Link : https://wordpress.org/plugins/osd-simple-table


9. Visual Table Formatting Lite

As the name suggests, the HTML tables are created using a visual editor. You can build colorful tables without using code or even shortcodes. Font style and table color can be changed with just a few clicks.


Active Installs: 1,000+
Download Link : https://wordpress.org/plugins/visual-table-formatting-lite


10. JTRT Responsive Table

Using JTRT Responsive Table WordPress plugin, it becomes quite easy to create tables in the backend. The tables are responsive and can be created without writing a single line of code.


Active Installs: 800+
Download Link : https://wordpress.org/plugins/jtrt-responsive-tables

Final Thoughts

Representing data on the website is quite common and these WordPress table plugins let you do that like a pro. All of these plugins are available completely free of cost and just need to be downloaded and added to the WordPress theme. The plugins listed here have different features along with their limitations too. It is advisable that you view the feature-set first and the choose the one that you deem fit.

Tom Hardy is a renowned WordPress developer at Sparx IT Solutions: PSD to WordPress Conversion Company and keeps on searching the innovative ways to improve the speed of websites. He also likes to share the researched knowledge with the audience through engaging blogs.

Photo courtesy: maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com