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Dropbox vs. Box: What’s the Right Choice for a Small Business?

By Cristopher Burge Moving to the cloud is a step many businesses, both big and small, are taking. There are ...
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Apps with AI and Chatbots are the Future of Mobile Technology

By Ashish Parmar The mobile technology is gearing up for the future. You will see certain emerging trends helping brands ...
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Android vs iOS: Which is More Secure?

By Anil Parmar Before I begin with the security discussion, let me make it clear that iOS which is owned by ...
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Time for an Upgrade? 5 Signs your Business is Using Outdated Wi-Fi Technology

By Wayne Newton Whether it’s a start-up with a staff of connected millennials, a doctor’s office transferring files and images, ...
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sphere of activity

8 Innovative FinTech Startups of 2017 That Will Shape The Industry

By Nataliia Kharchenko FinovateSpring 2017 conference brought about 60 startups related to financial and banking spheres. Based on the projects presented ...
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5 Tips to Consider When Moving Your HR Systems to the Cloud

By Natalie Hoffman Cloud technology is one of the most valuable resources businesses have in today’s modern economy. In fact, the ...
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app development

What Everyone Knows and You Don’t about Customer Experience of Mobile App

By Pratik Kanada Developers these days are ace and full of beans. They no longer follow the old, tried and tested ...
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Time Wasters to Eliminate From Your Life

Originally appeared on Xerox Small Business Solutions. By Rieva Lesonsky Time is every small business owner’s most precious commodity. There’s never ...
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SMBs: The Vanguard of Technology Democratization

By Michael Lazzaro In 1994, Pizza Hut accepted the first-ever online order for a large pepperoni and mushroom pizza with ...
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10 Important Elements to Corporate Data Security Policies That Protect Data Privacy

By Sheza Gary Do you have a good corporate data security policy in place? These policies outline how your data needs ...
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load time

5 Tips to Speed up Your Website and Save Your Conversions

By Deepak Vijay When it comes to the load time of a website, even fraction of a second matters. Former ...
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Exposing 10 Cyber Security Myths Affecting Small Businesses

By Steven Bearak Small business owners and managers work continuously to optimize resources and do more with less. Due to ...
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