By Maria Valdez Haubrich

1001257929Yes, I am a nag. I nag my husband, I nag my kids and I nag my business partners. But, they all know me and love me, so they know I nag with affection.

But how do you nag in business and not come off as a pest or pushy? My friend sent me this article she read recently on professional naggers. People actually PAY someone to nag them! Can you imagine? What a great profession, I thought at first.

The more I thought about it, the more stressful the job seemed. What if the person got mad at you or didn’t follow through with what they were supposed to do? Does that become the nagger’s responsibility? Did the nagger fail?

In my business, I am the liaison in business relationships, so nagging comes with the title. Here’s my methodology:

1. Prep for nagging: Send an email with a friendly notice that I look forward to receiving their response soon.
2. Gearing up for nag: Day or two before see if they have any questions or ask how it’s coming along (whatever the person owes me)
3. Official Nag Day: Re-email or call to see if I can expect it by end of the day
4. The-Day-After Nag: Send another friendly email, followed up by a phone call to see what the delay could be (again, very friendly).
5. Still-No-Answer Nag: Sigh. Unfortunately, this has happened way too often in my business life. At this point, I go around the person and contact someone else in the company to see what the problem is. Either a co-worker or boss usually works and lights a fire under the person.

What are your nagging tips? I’d love to know if you’ve tried something that works.