Whether you’re a fan or not, Instagram is hands down one of the most used social media platforms. From the moment it launched, it had a lot of traction from people across the world, and the platform has advanced tremendously over the last decade. Now, Instagram users are now no longer limited to just posting images. They now have the option to post reels, which are short-form videos under one minute, or long-form videos on IGTV which can be as long as ten minutes.

Growing an Instagram account is not an easy task. This is due to the fact that there are billions of users on the platform and there are already many existing users and well-known celebrities who dominate the platform already. There are a lot of people who will say that all you need to grow is to remain true to yourself and be consistent, however, there are a ton of people who are spending money on buying followers on a day-to-day basis. It is true that purchasing followers has a slightly bad reputation around those who use Instagram but you will be shocked by the number of people who buy followers to improve the appearance of their profile.

This may be due to several factors but the main factor is credibility. You are a lot more likely to follow an Instagram user who has a large following than someone who has just under a hundred followers. That’s why, instead of looking at the act of purchasing Instagram followers as a lazy way out of working hard on Instagram, rather choose to look at it as a way to increase your engagement and get traction from the right kind of people for your niche.

Here are the best sites to buy real Instagram followers.


This is a very well-known site to purchase genuine authentic followers for your Instagram account and it is trusted by a large number of users. Actually, a lot of people know Growthoid as a marketing platform used by many to improve their follower count, by offering a variety of pricing plans for people to utilize. The great thing about this particular site is that they do not use any automated systems. They only use real people. This, therefore, makes people curious as to how they are able to grow your platform using real people. Well, they actually grow your account manually, by doing what an Instagram user is meant to do. Even a new user will be able to understand their process because it’s easy and accessible to everyone.

So, Growthoid provides two packages for you to utilize and you can cancel at any time. There is no paper you need to sign or document you need to fill in order to use their site. The legalities are often what deters people from joining any sort of growth site in the first place, so this just further proves the loyalty of the site. They actually want to aid different companies and people to grow their accounts.

The following step, once you’ve made sure to sign up, is to wait a day, before connecting to the person who will be your account manager. Don’t forget to pay for your specific price plan in order to connect to the person managing your account. When you are connected with your account manager, you can then talk to them about your desires of the type of followers you want in terms of the niche you would like to attract. This information will allow them to get you followers that are targeted and go together with the brand you are attempting to form. You will eventually begin to see engagement from your followers.

The two main benefits of this type of site are the account manager and the targeted followers. This is the main perk that draws others in and forces them to come back again and again. The greatest part is that this site is not biased towards one particular type of niche or another. It actually works for a variety of markets and industries.

Task ant

Yes, this is quite a strange name for a growth platform that is meant to grow your Instagram following. Well, Task Ant’s main objective is to help you to find the best hashtags for your account that will increase the reach you have and attract a number of followers within minutes. It’s a simple to use application and even those who are not the most knowledgeable on tech won’t have a difficult time going through the application process. is a friendly site that assists people of all ages.

So, the most important thing to ask is – how do hashtags actually help to increase my following? Well, first things first, it’s vital to understand how crucial hashtags are in your growth on Instagram and how it actually makes a way for you to receive a genuine following at an accelerated rate. What this site essentially allows you to do is access the means to get followers instead of buying followers. Hashtags will definitely improve your reach as well as your visibility but it’s really important to not abuse hashtags for your gain. Furthermore, it’s very important to only use hashtags that suit your profile. You’re allowed to use a maximum of 30 hashtags and most struggle to even reach that amount.

Please note that you should never use hashtags that are overpopulated. You should utilise hashtags that are below a million or 500 thousand if you actually want your post to be seen. Allow it to cause your post to reach the accounts you are trying to reach instead of getting swallowed by the masses of users on the platform. There are billions of monthly users so you’re going to need something that’s going to help you stand out.


Now, the great thing about Instagram which pulls people in is their longing to reach a greater space and showcase who they are to a massive audience on a platform that operates across the world. This is why there are so many people who are eager to grow their following to reach more people. This is what makes this specific site so great. Growthsilo is a platform that cares about its audience as it is very friendly to use and is quite similar to Growthoid.

The process of using this site is quite simple. You just have to sign up with your email address and your username, and then pay for your plan and to receive an email from your account manager to ask about the kind of followers you want to attract. You won’t be attracting any bots or spam-like accounts as that is often what people think occurs with the buying of Instagram accounts. The worst kind of look for your Instagram is to have a high number of followers and a low engagement, which is what Growthsilo avoids as this is a clear sign to others that your followers are bought.

The main aim that you should have is to not just get followers but to get quality followers who will stay and engage with your content. This is where Growthsilo steps in. They provide a variety of services that work for different types of people. Some of the services are quite specific and are featured on their site, such as options to allow you to grow followers naturally. If that is what your aim is then make sure to sign up for that specific plan. You don’t have to be involved in the leg work of growing your Instagram account. Just say what you want and they’ll do the work for you.

With Growthsilo, there are no-contract plans, therefore you can cancel whenever you want and what makes things even greater with them is that this site even goes above and beyond and offers a three-day guarantee period proving that their site is something that you can use on a long term basis. They know their worth and are certain that they can deliver what they promise to their clients. You can compare their price plan with the offers found on other sites and make your decision based on what is the best option for your account and what works well within your budget.

There are two plans that you can choose from on Growthsilo. The lower price plan is called Launch which is $49 per month, and the higher price plan is called Accelerate which is close to $100 per month and has extra features. If you are able to afford more, you should definitely choose Accelerate but if you’re just trying it out then it may be safer to start off with the Launch plan.

The core differences when you compare the two plans are:

Launch provides growth that is not too slow or too fast and your account manager will do the leg work with regards to actually growing your account for you as well as targeting traffic towards your post, which is of course the core reason for you getting either of the two phenomenal plans in the first place. With Accelerate on the other hand, you can do the same, but with an accelerated amount of growth, hence the name. With Launch you can have ten targets which are ten different niches or markets, while with Accelerate, you can have a lot more targets. What’s great is you will also receive a 14- day guarantee and this is because, as we have already established, Growthsilo knows they are good and are certain that they will make your account grow.

Now, this specific site called is the best site for those who want to target low engagement specifically and aren’t too bothered by their follower count. What it does is target your new posts by providing you with a unique service for auto-likes. All you are required to do is post a brand new video or picture on your feed and this specific site will detect the new activity on your feed that has just popped up. People within the same network on the platform will then shortly after like your new image or video. So not only does it boost your engagement in a brand new way that is unlike any other growth platform site, it also furthermore aids you to gain more likes naturally over time.

The one thing you should perhaps bear in mind about this site is that it is well known by many for its high quality which is the reason behind why so many people trust the site.  Real accounts are liking your posts, not fake, bot-like accounts that make your new posts look suspicious to other spectating users who may be looking at your profile.

The sudden burst of likes will definitely have a good impact on your new posts and it will also positively affect your Instagram analytics. You can show this to brands you are thinking of potentially working with to further prove your capability of reaching a wider audience in a short period of time.


The main concern for most people when it comes to signing up to sites like these is the huge risk that it poses to their Instagram account and what it could potentially do with their private information. There are so many hackers on the internet who are consistently searching for different sites, trying to find as much data as they can find to steal money from victims of ignorance or to even steal their identities to commit fraud.

That’s why there are so many Instagram users who love to use UseViral because it never asks for any passwords. This sets it apart from all the other sites. So, how does it do what it needs to do? Well, all it needs from you is your Instagram handle and when you’ve paid for your plan, you’ll get the followers or engagement you paid for.  Yes. It’s that simple. No red tape and no hidden agreements that you need to sign or be aware of.

UseViral also has an extra layer of security to help ward off any potential hackers that may be lingering around and to further prove to you how safe this site is for you to use. They understand that you merely desire on Instagram in an authentic and natural way and that’s what they aim to do for you.


You may or may not have heard of this particular site but it is a growth site that is very popular with the main aim of boosting their client’s engagement over a period of time. Their site has been increasing in the number of users steadily over the last few years as there are a lot who trusting it because of its authentic nature and the number of package deals that you can choose from which help to cater to different people from different walks of life.

This specific site also helps in terms of boosting your engagement across different platforms with really low rates, for example below $1 for TikTok and about more or less $49  for Twitter. This is great for those who would prefer to grow all their social media platforms using one site and not having to sign up to multiple sites at the same time. This is also great for businesses for example who are striving to grow their presence in a fast amount of time without having to handle their accounts on multiple sites.

You should also make sure to keep in mind that if you really want to get a lot of followers in an authentic manner then you’re going to really have to be extra patient as you wait for the results that you paid for. As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait, and the biggest con of this site is that their delivery is a lot slower when compared to other sites. It makes sense that when you make a purchase for something, you naturally anticipate for it to be delivered immediately but that’s usually never the case especially for sites like these. definitely prides itself when it comes to becoming authentic which is why they really have to release the follows and engagement out at a steadier pace. Don’t worry though.

The main thing that is important for u=you to understand is that it is not bad to buy followers. Many people do it and you probably can’t even tell that they’ve done it. And that’s perfectly okay. This is because everyone desires to be rewarded in some manner or shape or way for the efforts that they have placed into their content creation. Some people are lucky enough to have a really engaging audience while others have to work really hard and wait for the right opportunity to come their way. Even when those opportunities do come, they have to

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