big data

So you have a small or medium business and you wonder if there are some smart Big Data solutions that you can use to improve your daily work? No doubt, there are many technologies which can help your company succeed.

Big Data for business – can a small company benefit from new technologies?

Big Data is not only for big companies. Small and medium businesses should also take advantage of Big Data tools in order to grow. Those who collect data and use it to predict customer behaviour or come up with a better strategy have a better chance of beating the competition. There is no end to how Big Data applications can benefit your business.

Are you worried you can’t afford it? There are a lot of free tools – like Google Analytics – and solutions for businesses with tighter budgets. Any consulting and service company specializing in Big Data and Cloud Platforms is aware of the needs specific to small businesses. You can be sure to find tools for tracking and analysing customer behaviour and traffic on your website among many other things. You can find more information about Big Data solutions on the site

How Big Data solutions can benefit a company

Before you say you are doing just fine without Big Data, let us assure you that there are plenty of interesting tools that you could use to your advantage. Big Data solutions will allow you to:

  • Reduce your company costs – data analysis may help you check which customers are not exactly interested in your product. Thanks to such analysis you can save money that you would normally spend advertising to a wide group of potential clients. Some tools may reveal which communication channels are inefficient. All of this can save you time and money.
  • Increase sales – with Big Data you will gain insight into the shopping preferences of your customers. You can use this to adjust your advertising strategy or choose which products you should offer to which customers.
  • Create the perfect strategy – making important decisions for your business is not easy, especially when you have no significant feedback from customers at the beginning. Big Data technologies will make those decisions easier by providing as much data to compare as possible.

Big Data is everywhere. Be smart – make use of these tools to analyse the market and customer behaviour. Here you will find information about the most useful Big Data offerings.

A tool everybody knows – Google Analytics

Google Analytics is completely free. All you have to do is create an account on Google. If you have a website and you use it to sell goods or to promote your business, you should definitely check it out. It is easy to use and it provides you with a good deal of important information about the users that visit your website and their behaviour.

Google Analytics reports will tell you where traffic comes from, how long users stay on your website (and if they found what they were looking for or not), who they are, and a lot of other useful information. It’s an amazing tool, which you can use to decide if you need web optimization or a new strategy.

Kissmetrics – for E-commerce, but not only

Are you executing your company’s marketing strategy? Then you’ve surely heard about ROI. If you want to increase it, you can use Kissmetrics. This tool will help you understand your customers better. It can be used for creating, and managing your company email campaigns.

Do you need a tool for E-commerce? Kissmetrics will be just perfect for you! Using it, you can reduce cart abandonment rates and increase sales. If you decide to use it, you will also gain access to its educational resources. With this expert knowledge, you’ll be able to improve your marketing campaigns.

SAS – for making wise decisions

This software can mine, process and retrieve data from different sources. Imagine having access from websites, social media platforms and marketing analytics tools. The wide view of the market provided by SAS will lead you to better decision-making.

SAS business intelligence tools are segregated into specific purposes like fraud and security intelligence, customer intelligence, risk management and others. Some of them can help you make many of the processes in your company more efficient.

It may be difficult to decide which tools will be more or less useful for you, but remember that all of them can support your company’s success in some way. Big Data solutions will make you competitive. Don’t get left behind!