Business cards are the gateway to the company’s brand and the status of an employee. They can open doors, inform potential clients of the holder’s value, connections, and ability. What should you focus on when choosing the right printing solutions for business cards?

Here are 4 important elements a professional printing agency should have:

Fast Turnaround

During any networking event, the transfer of numerous business cards is standard practice. This is the case for marketing events, client meetings, and even brand partnership events. This is also why having a quick turnaround for business-card printing is something that is an absolute must when picking your printing partner. The faster the turnaround, the more opportunities to get a company’s brand, image, and network out in the market. This is a cost-effective way to expand your brand’s market visibility.

Design Sense

Professional partners are highly sought-after due to their professional design sense to apply to printing. Since the design team is part of the printing enterprise, you will not have to employ a separate design team at a premium to develop graphics for your company’s printing needs.

Apart from printing in a legible manner using their clients’ design, a well-designed business card must have the following:

Clarity – A clear font with easy to read information about the holder’s name, position, contact information, and business hours is essential in practically every business card. A reliable printing partner will understand the requirements for clear information and create easy to read business cards.

Information – Much like clarity, a good printing partner understands that while designing a business-card, relevant information needs to be highlighted in some form or another. This can be done by making that information bold or by printing it in bigger fonts or different colours. A partner that understands how to formulate and analyse the information of the holder is essential.

Brand/Company Logo – Business card imagery is similar to premium roll-up banners. The image or logo of a business should be highlighted in a way that doesn’t take over or overstep the other elements of the business card. A reliable partner understands the need to use faded images, watermarks, and micro-images to help sell the branding and marketability of the company’s brand without overwhelming the business card.

Colour and Theme – A good partner will understand design patterns that fit the themes and colour schemes of brands. They also must have the ability to print the colour on various materials based on what the business chooses. These materials can range from wood to paper to even metal. It is also essential that a printing partner understands and provides various finishes.

Material Quality – Be it a pull up banner or a business card, your printing partner must have high-quality printing material. This is especially essential with paper business cards. Important questions to keep in mind while talking to prospective printing solution partners is if they can print on various materials, the paper GSM used for each business card, and the ability to provide low-cost/high-quality materials.

Quantity Fulfilment

Any printing agency that specialises in fulfilling B2B solutions must have the ability to meet large orders. In most cases, agencies are crucial because they can fulfil bulk orders per name and take multiple name orders.

They can print a single person’s business card in mass numbers while also handling multiple people’s business cards. This is essential for both small businesses that require a large number of orders for limited employees and larger businesses that have larger requirements for more employees. Any partner must be able to fulfil the requirements while not compromising on the quality of the business cards.

In business, the quality and quantity of a marketing tool, in this case, business cards, must be of a high-quality despite being rolled up in large quantities. This is usually the greatest challenge for printing agencies.


A good printing solutions partner should be able to provide high-quality products with large quantities at an affordable cost. The bottom line in most deals concerning B2B agencies like printing partners comes down to the cost. A printing partner is going to be essential to the marketing of virtually any business. They should be a one-stop solution for everything from roll-up banners to desktop banners and business cards.

The price of any print has to be affordable with respect to the specific business’ size. The fiscal responsibility should be both understood and accommodated for by a printing partner. A great way to identify a good banner printing solutions partner is by looking at their price cards. If they allow for customization with tailored solutions, they will usually be better equipped for your business. If they provide a standard cost across all businesses, they may not be the best match for smaller or medium-sized businesses or for those who need customised print products.


A business relies heavily on print marketing. It is just as important as social media marketing in terms of outreach and can be the largest outreach for image exposure. While any business looking for a chuck of market-share will need a print partner, it is crucial that no business underestimate the importance of picking the right printing partner. Businesses should look for reliable and affordable agencies that are established and known for timely turnarounds of mass orders.

James Martin is the Marketing Head at Eazy Print based in the UK. His value-driven ideas and innovative approach in the printing industry lead him towards success. He also has a keen interest in writing informative blogs for various leading blog sites.

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