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Creating time-sensitive marketing messages is one of the most important aspects of creating content.

Time-sensitive marketing messages can help with increasing your conversion rate by reducing cart abandonment, creating email marketing campaigns that will keep your prospects on their toes, and delivering messages through your website that will urge repeaters to keep purchasing from your brand.

While evergreen content is what a brand needs to remain relevant throughout the years, time-sensitive content is what will keep prospects and customers waiting for your next big offer.

It shows that you’re active and can give you some much-needed traffic without you waiting too much.

But if time-sensitive content is something temporary, how are you going to make it work?

Urgency and Scarcity

I’m positive that you’ve come across this marketing message plenty of times:

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As a feature, countdown timers aim to create a time-sensitive marketing message and create urgency by telling prospects that “Hey, your time is running out!”. In fact, it’s a pretty valuable tool that most email marketing platforms carry, and here’s why:

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Email marketing that carries time-sensitive messages that create a sense of urgency and utilize FOMO is a great idea. It can make people think that they’re going to miss out on something, perhaps an offer that would benefit them or an item that would help them turn their lives in the right direction.

Super pro tip: Make sure to be explicit when it comes to timing your message or offer. A time-sensitive message carried through an email or a landing page should showcase exactly when the offer ends.

Perfect Timing

A time-sensitive marketing message should be time-sensitive overall. Here’s what I mean:

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There’s a date and time for everything, and it’s best if you create marketing messages that are time-sensitive while minding the actual time you’re going to send them in.

Make sure to send your messages during working hours if we’re talking about weekdays. Not too many people check their emails during the weekend, not to mention that more than most have already decided what they’d like to buy during the week. Also, avoid rush hours and take advantage of lunch hours – people are more likely to be browsing on their phone at that time.

Of course, this may differ from one industry to the other and from one eCommerce store to the next, so make sure to study your data and your buyer personas before deciding on the best date and time to send an email.

Another staple is making sure to send the time-sensitive marketing messages in the correct time period. You can’t send a Christmas marketing message right on Christmas, for example. This is why you’ll need to start planning early.

For example, if you’re optimizing your website for a time-sensitive offer – Black Friday sales, Christmas sales, Valentine’s discounts, and so on – your content calendar will need to point to earlier dates for their release. Christmas campaigns usually need to be ready by late October, as Christmas sales start by November.

The same goes for Black Friday sales. Create time-sensitive messages that you’ll start sending early on, making their content more intense as the days go by.

Engage and Entice

The number one reason why time-sensitive marketing messages are needed is the fact that marketing is competitive. Every marketer competes for a place in the consumer’s mind, and achieving that is no easy feat.

This is why you need to create time-sensitive marketing messages that drive engagement and appeal to the impulsive nature of a prospect’s purchases.

Create content that can appeal to a large part of your audience. To succeed in that, you’ll have to study your data and understand how your sales funnel works.

Take advantage of social proof and create time-sensitive marketing messages that are not blatantly pushy. It’ll be like letting your audience know that everyone else is purchasing what they need.

Investing in promoting your product through a time-sensitive competition that contains content from individuals that are just like your customers – testimonials, for example – will make them believe that your product is what they need in their lives.

You see, it’s easier to believe like-minded individuals rather than a massive ad campaign. And it’s easier to interact with content that they create, as it shows that the brand values its customers so much, it prefers to turn them into brand ambassadors.

All in All

If you’re asking your prospects to act fast, you need to create your time-sensitive marketing messages faster. Encourage your audience to interact “now!” rather than later, use FOMO and countdown timers to your advantage, and make sure to study your data and figure out what the best time to drop your offer is.

Hint: Should be when they’re ready to convert!

Téa Liarokapi is a content writer working for email marketing software company Moosend and an obsessive writer in general. In her free time, she tries to find new ways to stuff more books in her bookcase and content ideas-and cats-to play with.

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