Nowadays, the younger generation is increasingly opting for other digital or social marketing platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat. But amongst all the other newly formed social platforms, Facebook continues to stand as an efficient advertising tool dominating the online marketing industry.

The traffic on Facebook is the highest among all social media sites. It keeps on increasing by 16% every year. Currently, almost 2 billion users login into Facebook daily.

Businesses must establish a strong presence on Facebook if they want to broaden the reach of their target audience. To do so, they need to strategise and enhance their presence on Facebook. Businesses must do this to benefit from their Facebook page — to captivate the audience, encourage participation, bring people to visit their commerce site, and ultimately transform customers into sales.

Facebook as a Marketing tool

Facebook as an advertising tool has its highs and lows! The platform introduced advertising facilities before any other social media site. And it has altered its application algorithm several times after that. These changes often get noticed to have a significant effect on online advertisers.

Similarly, the latest changes in Facebook advertising policies affected the advertisers. But this effect was more adverse than beneficial.

Despite this, Facebook still proves to be one of the most effective and efficient online advertising platforms.

Read on to know why!

How can the Market on Facebook Benefit Businesses?

Facebook is, without a doubt, the largest online social platform to date.

During the past decade, YouTube and Instagram have been trying to make their place in the market. Yet, Facebook advertisement is still routinely used by 93% of online advertisers.

Despite its popularity, advertisers are concerned about the latest modifications in the algorithm and so are the web development agencies, who provide various web related services to the clients.

The additional adjustments would have an impact on some steps in sponsored ads.

However, advertisers can still boost their sales by advertising on Facebook surpassing these changes.

In the following part of the post, we have discussed the top 10 most effective Facebook marketing strategies proven to be effective in assisting in business growth.

Effective FB Marketing Tips

1. Contest and Giveaways

One of the trendiest marketing gimmicks on social media is organizing giveaways and contests.

But before you jump in make sure to plan the whole campaign first. What stuff are you going to giveaway? How is your audience going to be involved? It is vital to think about this and ensure that your decision corresponds to what your audience desires.

Deploy strategies that will drive more audience towards your Page.

For example, you can ask your followers to post their content with your product. This way you can reach the followers of your followers as well.

2. Be “Very Responsive to messages”

You may easily get Facebook’s “Very responsive to messages” label. Facebook rewards this badge to Page owners who actively respond to their followers. This badge proves your dedication to your followers and it appeals to the audience to initiate conversation.

3. Go Live

Facebook automatically autoplay videos in people’s news feeds. The videos play while muted unless the user switches on the sound themselves. The more engaging your video content will be,  the more users will view your posts.

Live videos can be very engaging as it lets you interact with the viewers in live time. You can answer their questions, or just talk to them. You can also showcase your products or workstations. This can help to the trust of the views as the feed is recorded in real-time.

4. Use Facebook Insights to improve your presence on Facebook

Posting Quality Content is just half the battle. The rest depends on how you analyze the results of your post and use it to strategize your future posts.

Facebook’s analytics monitoring feature, Facebook Page Insights, is the perfect tool for the job!

Facebook Insights is an analytics tool for measuring and analyzing your engagement on Facebook.  The application offers analytical data for page views and interaction to page admin/s. It may allow you to determine whether the contents of your posts are engaging for your followers and audience or not.

In addition, you may obtain other statistics, like likes, comments, etc., concerning the reach of your website.

5. Time your posts

Posting at an appropriate time can also increase your engagement on Facebook.

But what’s the best time to post your content or ads?

Well, you can get this info from your Facebook insight page.

Facebook Insight points out the sorts of postings doing better than the others. It also gives info about the peak times of the day when your posts receive the best engagement from the online audience.

With the help of this data, you can determine the better timings to post your content.

You can also experiment with your post to find the best content and time combination to optimize your audience reach.

During the non-popular hours, you may try to upload informal content to see how it impacts your commitment.

6. Collaborate with Influencers

Collaboration is the trend now.

It is always better to partner up with someone who has already reached and discovered the place that you are still struggling to grasp.

If the collaboration project goes well, influencer marketing may truly show a prominent impact on your brand.

But Facebook does not let you search for influencers directly due to privacy issues. Worry not! You can just look for them on other social platforms LinkedIn or Twitter. If you want, you can later try to manually look for them on Facebook as well.

Once you discover an influencer, take considerable time nurturing your relationship with them or their brand.

This strategy of marketing is extensively slow but very effective.

You may be shocked to see how much engagement you may build by just requesting influential people for collaboration.

7. Customize a single Ad Campaigns in different ways to post it multiple time

Launching just a solo campaign will not help you identify your target. You need to use multiple ads to optimize your advertisements and identify how Facebook ads help your business with the analytics data on Facebook Insights.

You do not need to create a unique campaign for each ad. Instead you can try and explore with multiple elements of one campaign. This will help you reach more audiences and gather proper data to improve future posts and ads.

8. Compelling visual content of optimum quality

The style of Facebook’s news feed focuses mostly on visual elements such as pictures and videos. Posts with photos have proven to have a 3X faster impact on viewers than posts without posts. A survey revealed that the highest involvement of Facebook posts is highest for posts with photographs. It was 87% more engaging than any other form of Facebook post created.

The more attractive pictures and videos you will use in your post, the greater will be customer engagement. Try using a picture or video of 720p quality or higher.

It is smart to use high-quality photographs or videos because they have proven to engage people very frequently.

9. Post content collected from Users

You can sometimes create posts using content posted by your users rather than creating your content.

This saves a lot of your company’s time and resources and it also encourages brand loyalty and trust from the users.

The best method to implement this strategy is to ask your users to post photographs of your products or the user’s experience and interaction with your product.

It is a wonderful method to boost engagement among your online users. It also helps to promote your brand.

10. Use an Advertising tool

Facebook ad manager is the most easy-to-use advertising tool for FB.  For most enterprises, Facebook’s Ads Manager performs well. But it might not always be the right choice for you.

You should analyze your company size and advertising needs before choosing the best-suited tool for you.


A balance of organic distribution and sponsored advertisements is the secret to accomplishment in the current marketing industry. Several businesses are now utilizing influencers to market their products and services as well.

Optimizing is the most crucial action of Facebook marketing.

Make sure to optimize every aspect involved in your Facebook ad, including photos, links, videos, etc., to ensure the best results.

Do not post anything without strategizing beforehand. Try to maintain a standard quality of content to entice the viewers.

Which of these above strategies did you find effective in your marketing strategy?

Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz  Technologies. His 8+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot.

Facebook marketing stock photo by Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock