Do you still have videos without subtitles? Transcripts have a huge impact on content availability. In this article, you will learn how subtitling can take your business to the next level.

Increased content accessibility

Not all people in the world have access to video content. There are a lot of potential users who suffer from hearing loss. Hearing impaired and deaf people can gain access to your content  with the help of subtitles. Most importantly, transcripts should be clear and detailed enough. Signatures actually replace sound entirely. It is important to provide content of the same level as for regular listeners. Video transcription is a must-have feature for foreigners as well. Even theatres now have subtitles for their plays and performances. A lot of language learners watch videos. So, while their knowledge does not allow them to freely perceive information, subtitles come in handy.

Interacting with content without sound

There are many cases where users would prefer to play video without any sound. For example, in situations when you are on the road or without headphones in a public place. Subtitles make content easier to read no matter the circumstances. In situations where it is better not to turn on the sound, subtitles become a substitute. This makes it easier for users to interact with the content. As a result, they focus on the video and watch it to the end. Subtitles help to keep the user’s attention on the content in situations when they do not listen. Besides, it is a fact that most of the users watch videos without sound. Just remember these inscriptions on Instagram ‘sound on’ or ‘watch with sound’. Also, you probably noticed that famous bloggers duplicate their words with text on the video. This way they keep the audience engaged and interested in their content. Without subtitles, most of your audience will just skip your content.

Subtitles as an SEO optimization aid

The one seemingly unobvious benefit of subtitling is SEO boost. If you are promoting your content, then you probably know a lot about search engine optimization. Subtitles make it easier for search engines to find your content. Thus, it rises higher in the search and users reach it more often. Viewing or listening to the video is not available for search engines, but work with text is indexed. This is the reason why subtitled videos are becoming more accessible to users. You can experiment and compare views on the same videos with and without subtitles. We assure you, this will be a stunning result.

Empowering content usage

Adding subtitles also allows you to expand the possibilities for the use of content. For example, the text under the video can be copied, users can form an article for reading an so on. A prime example here is Coursera, a popular online education service. There is a transcription under each educational video. First, it makes the content easier to work with. Students can simply watch the video and not be distracted by taking notes. After viewing, you can simply copy the transcript under the video. While watching, the piece of text, an author is pronouncing at that moment, is marked. It also gives more room for perception.

Increase engagement and watch time

It has been proven that videos with subtitles are watched to the end more often. If the viewer has the likelihood of reading your video, then they are most likely to reach the end of the video. Subtitles keep the user’s attention. Your content becomes an animated book. When reading texts, we most often visualize our own ideas. In this case, the video is a visual embodiment of the text that the viewer reads. This combination is one of the reasons why videos with subtitles are watched from the first to the last second.

Help for foreigners

You have seen the availability of subtitles in different languages ​​more than once. Of course, the more subtitles in different languages ​​you provide, the wider your audience. Nevertheless, it is a very difficult and completely unnecessary task to embrace all the languages ​​of the world. Initially, subtitles in the language of the video itself will make it accessible to those who study or know this language. Ideally, it’s best to add English subtitles this way. It is international and accessible to many viewers. In any case, the choice of subtitle language depends on your business goals. However, having subtitles will definitely make the content easier for foreigners to read.


Having subtitles for video content is a huge privilege. This way you get more engagement from your audience, more accessibility and flexibility. Now there are many tools that help add subtitles. For instance, you can add subtitles for broadcasts, Zoom calls, videos here. This can be one of the growth points for your business. Search engine optimization is just one example of how your content can grow in popularity. Try any of these tips and see how effective they are. 

Subtitles stock photo by Digital Bazaar/Shutterstock