FedEx, formerly known as Federal Express, is one of the most powerful delivery giants in the US. It can reach every street address in the nation and reach more than 220 countries abroad.

Tracking of FedEx packages is no big deal if you have their tracking number: a unique 12-digit combination. It is automatically assigned to every type of shipment, including third-party ones. But what if you don’t have access to your FedEx tracking number? Is it possible to locate your parcel without one?

There are several methods to find out where your FedEx package is despite not having a tracking combination. Check them below.

Ways to Track FedEx Package Without Tracking Number

1.    Reference Number

It can be a purchase order (PO) number, invoice, bill of lading (BOL,) Transportation Control Number (TCN,) part number, or customer reference related to the parcel. Use FedEx’s official tracker to type in the reference number you got: this should give you the information about the package.

Just enter up to 30 reference numbers simultaneously, combining them with destination country & postal code plus the shipment date.

2.    FedEx Delivery Manager

It’s an official FedEx service that has many perks; locating packages is one of them. Sign up on their site or through their app. The system will answer several identity verification questions before making a personal account for you. If the process is successful, the Delivery Manager allows you to access the info about your packages. Click on any parcel to check its status, location, etc.

The majority of FedEx Delivery Manager’s features are free, including tracking. Now all you have to do is sign up any time you need it checked.

a.    Door Tag ID Number

Another great FedEx Delivery Manager feature. Dog Tag ID Number is generated by the system for future reference, in case the carrier will have to leave the tag on your door. But the number itself is already available through your Delivery Manager account while the package is still en route.

So, if you don’t have a tracking number, copy/write down the Dog Tag ID Number for your package and use it interchangeably for online trackers. The combination looks like 2 letters DT+12 digits and no punctuation marks (example DT XXXX XXXX XXXX.)

3.    InSight

This official FedEx program is similar to the Delivery Manager and, much like the DM, can help you with package tracking. To use it, you need a FedEx account. So either sign up to get one or log in on their official site. You will be given a FedEx User ID: use it to sign in to FedEx InSight.

Apart from other features, the service allows you to track a shipment by address — no tracking number needed. Every package related to your delivery/shipping info will be available through your InSight account.

Note: It won’t show you the packages that had been shipped before you created the FedEx InSight account. You need to execute options 1, 2, or 4 for those.

4.    Direct Contacts

Just go ahead and contact FedEx directly. Give a call to their Customer Service Agents (1-800-463-33-39 for the US) and explain that you need to track a package but don’t have a tracking number. The agent will go through all the possible options with you, using names and addresses related to your package.

You can also get assistance through FedEx Customer Service and Support Centre, or shoot them a direct message via Twitter or Facebook.

Do you use FedEx, and if you do, how often? What tracking methods do you prefer?

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