Hot Home Colors for 2015

August 20, 2015: Hot Home Colors for 2015

Pantone, the global color authority, has already released its color picks for home and interiors for 2015. Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, says, “Consumer preferences, behaviors and lifestyles are constantly evolving spawning a desire for fresh color palettes in both home and interior design.”

The company created nine palettes it says will be driving home trends in 2015.

Style-Settings is influenced by high fashion and “all about poise, finesse and polish.” Look for purples, mahoganies, off-whites, grays and taupes, “along with subtly shimmering Frosted Almond and Champagne Beige.”

Abstraction “releases the inner artist in each of us.” Pantone says the “styling might seem randomly gathered. Colors like grape and apricot, dahlia red, stonewashed blue, hazelnut brown and vineyard green seem to come from equally disparate places, but when brought together create an artistic whole.”

Botanicum is influenced by flora and foliage. Look for “succulent shadings of green and grape, and café au lait, most often counterbalanced with dusty or smoky tones of blue and orchid.”

Zensations “engages and heightens the senses…by combining the meditative qualities of the blue and blue-green family” with red, green, sparkling silver and gold.

Urban Jungle “transforms rustic chaos into…big city living. Warm animal skin tones are set against the modernity of deep blue-greens, a vibrant greenish yellow, plus black and white.”

Tinted Medley consists of warm tones of peach and pink, along with Bellini, Apricot Wash, Peach Amber and Macadamia, powdered roses, yellows and a rosy-taupe.

Past Traces evokes the past with colors called Pastel Parchment, Cameo Green, Faded Denim and Dusty Cedar.

Serendipity, which means “a happy accident,” combines the unexpected colors of orange, eggshell blue, chartreuse, yellow gold, hot pink, scarlet and Tiger’s Eye taupe.

Spontaneity is about whimsy and fun and includes Sunkist Coral, Marigold, Cantaloupe, Kelly Green, Hyacinth, Violet Quartz, Winsome Orchid and Misty Jade.

The 2015 home design palettes can be seen here.