240sweet owners Alexa Lemley and Samantha Aulick

February 8, 2012: Marshmallows Take Manhattan

I wrote in TrendCast last year that artisanal marshmallows were taking off as part of a larger trend toward childhood favorite foods being reimagined as gourmet treats. But now The Daily Mail Online reports that marshmallows are poised to move beyond the artisanal realm into the mainstream.

In New York City (the birthplace of the cupcake craze), Three Tarts Bakery chef Maria D’Urso told the New York Times, “Marshmallows are the new cupcakes.” Three Tarts makes the gooey treats in cinnamon, strawberry basil and chocolate rosemary flavors. Other Manhattan shops are now making the treats.

But this trend is moving out of Manhattan into Middle America-and moving beyond gooey sweetness as well. The Daily Mail cites a shop in Indiana that crafts marshmallows in flavors including red bean and sesame, chicken and beef. There’s also a Chicago restaurant putting savory marshmallows on the menu.

The Indiana shop, 240sweet,┬ásells marshmallows by mail and even has a “marshmallow of the month” club. With the treats selling for $5 a puff, there’s money to be made here-whether by selling gourmet marshmallows or incorporating them into your menu items.

Photos Courtesy: Stacy Able Photography