Kids’ Beauty Products & Services


June 13, 2011: Kids’ Beauty Products & Services

Some of you might not think those two words should be linked together, but the reality is beauty products for children are a booming market. In fact, by 2012 it is projected that more than $8.5 billion will be spent on grooming and beauty products by tweens and teenagers.

Research from NPD Group says in 2004, the average girl started using beauty products at age 17. By 2009, that average was down to age 13. If you know any girls in this age group, these numbers likely don’t surprise you.

What may startle you, however, is the use of beauty products by even younger girls. Several years ago Newsweek dubbed these young girls “Generation Diva.” Market researcher Experian reports that of the 6- to 9-year-old set:

  • 43 percent use lip gloss or lipstick
  • 38 percent use hairstyling products
  • 12 percent use “other” cosmetic products

There are several roads into this market. Kids’ hair salons, both franchised and independent operations, are sprouting up all across the nation. And teens apparently are flocking to spas. The International Spa Association reports that over 4 million teens have already visited a spa. Teen-only spas generally offer less complex, shorter and less costly treatments than those oriented to adults. Existing spas should offer teen-focused options.

And don’t worry about this being a short-term trend. There are more than 74 million kids under age 18 in the U.S.–so this is a long-lived opportunity.