November 9, 2011: Fairytales

No, I’m not about to tell you a fairy tale, but it seems like everyone else wants to. Fairy tales are hot right now-and sure to be getting even hotter.

Just a few weeks ago Once Upon a Time debuted on ABC television to higher than expected ratings, and Grimm premiered on NBC. Both draw loosely (Grimm more so) on the fairy tales we’re all so familiar with: Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin and Snow White.

And speaking of Snow, she’s going to be featured in not one, but two, movies. Out first (March 16) is an as yet untitled film featuring Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen. The other, Snow White and the Huntsman, stars Kristen Stewart (of Twilight movie fame) in the title role and is due to be released June 1.

These are not remakes of the pretty Disney version of Snow White, but rather harken back to the darker Grimm version of the story.

The new television shows and movies are sure to raise interest in fairy tale heroes, heroines and villains alike. But what really makes this a hot opportunity for entrepreneurs is that the original fairy tales are in the public domain. This is likely to give you more free rein to create your own versions of stories, ebooks, dolls, games, etc. (Please check with an attorney first to make sure.)

If you sell on eBay, look for increased interest in dolls and games featuring these legendary characters.

Coupled with the mermaid trend I told you about just a few weeks ago, this trend suggests we’re either all trying to return (at least temporarily) to the comfort stories of our childhood to escape today’s harsh realities. This trend isn’t necessarily going to be long-lived, so get in (and out) while you can.