Thanks to You

November 27, 2013: Thanks to You

It’s Wednesday. If you’re like most Americans you’re looking forward to a day of family, food, friends and fun tomorrow.

I am not going to interfere with that and fill your head with business ideas to wonder about.

I am going to repeat most of what I wrote here last year, since I tried, but can’t improve on those sentiments:

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s not just the license to eat (though that doesn’t hurt). It’s the spirit of the day, the shared joy celebrating with people you love.

But it’s also a day that compels us to acknowledge the people and things for which we’re grateful. Since this is all about business, I won’t bore you with my personal gratitude, though I think all entrepreneurs should be particularly thankful for the support of their family and friends. Sometimes we’re not the easiest people to be around-just ask the man I share my life with (who keeps me sane)-he could tell you a few good stories.

That said, I want to give thanks to Karen and Maria, my partners (and friends) who make owning a business a whole lot easier-and much more fun. A big thank-you to our service providers, the people who do our taxes, fix our computers, write our contracts and otherwise make sure we can do our jobs.

We are grateful to our clients for being, well, our clients, but also for sharing our mission which is to help the entrepreneurs of the world start and scale their businesses.

Which leads, of course, to you. Thank you for caring about what we have to say. For reading the thousands of words we write each week. For sharing with us what you think, and what you need to know.

But mostly I salute you. For persevering through the hard times, for staying positive amidst massive amounts of negativity, for having the courage and vision to follow your dreams.

President John F. Kennedy once said, “We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.” Those people would be you-so thank you, and have a happy Thanksgiving.