Yoga Wear for Men

November 6, 2013: Yoga Wear for Men

We all know yoga is hot, and despite the fact that yoga studios seem to be located on every other corner (at least here in Southern California), it seems the market still isn’t saturated. When I first wrote about the yoga trend, I mentioned that many yoga studios were targeting male clients. Now this new focus on men has expanded to include yoga clothing.

Industry top retailer Lululemon Athletica is now targeting male buyers for its pricey workout clothing and accessories. According to a report in Bloomberg Businessweek, Lululemon turned to men’s clothing as a way to “stretch its potential.” The new focus is apparently working, with “menswear accounting for 13 percent of total revenue” in the past quarter. Lululemon stores (there are more than 200) now carry men’s clothing, and the website has a big selection geared to men as well. The company plans to open men’s stores by 2016.

The men’s yogawear trend seems to be part of the larger trend of men buying products and services once sold primarily to women (such as grooming products, cooking products, spa treatments and manicures).

Whatever business you’re in, if you specifically target one gender, broadening your appeal by selling to the opposite sex is a smart way to expand. You already know your industry, have your supply chain contacts and methods of distribution; all you have to do is reach out to a different market.

Smart entrepreneurs will start thinking of the different ways you can take advantage of the increasingly porous definitions of “male” and “female” interests.

Photo Courtesy: Lululemon