October 12, 2011: Are Mermaids the Next Vampires?

If zombies and vampires can rule the universe, why not mermaids? There is a lot of evidence pointing to mermaids as the next hot quasi-human fad. And let’s be clear upfront, this is a fad. That said, there’s still plenty of money to be made from capitalizing on fads, as I explained a few weeks ago on OPEN Forum.

The renewed attention started earlier this year when mermaids featured prominently in the latest version of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Disney, a frequent fad-setter, just opened a Little Mermaid ride in Disneyland, soon to be followed by one in Disney World. Several other movie and book projects centered on mermaids are also scheduled to be released shortly.

But what will clinch the deal is that mermaids are rumored to be the subject of mega-best-selling author Stephenie Meyer’s next book. Since Meyer unleashed the latest vampire trend with her Twilight saga, there’s a good chance mermaid mania will accompany her books. (Truthfully, however, I can’t find confirmation that Meyer indeed has a book about mermaids pending.)

Mermaids have gone in and out of vogue as a topic of fascination. I myself was enthralled with the mermaid on a TV show for kids back in the 1960s, the name of which has totally escaped me. The possibilities are endless here. From costumes to jewelry to makeup, little girls are sure to want to dress like beautiful sea creatures. If Meyer indeed releases a book on mermaids, it could set the stage for a number of similar genre books-which is exactly what happened when Twilight first hit the bookstores.

This trend is a little vague, and I normally wouldn’t address something so shrouded in rumor. But the buzz is too much to ignore. At least keep your antennae up-mermaids could have you swimming in the green.