Personal and Beauty Care

September 12, 2012: Getting Personal

Whether you sell them or manufacture them, personal and beauty care products are hot, and a recent report from The Hartman Group says growth in this market is expected to continue. In fact, the report predicts that as the economy gets better, more and more consumers will be buying “premium products and seeking product innovation in beauty and personal and beauty care products.”

If you want to keep your customers coming back, Hartman recommends you pay particular attention to the products’ “aroma, texture and color.”  But keep in mind, consumers are thinking about health and wellness at the same time-The Hartman group calls it “the intersection of personal and environmental health,” and cites the “substantial growth in the natural personal care marketplace.”

Consumers are addressing this by gravitating to more natural products-and seeking “quality and authenticity” in what they buy. Hartman says they think about what goes in their bodies (foods/beverages), on their bodies (personal care products) and around their bodies (textiles).”

This field is wide open for entrepreneurs, since many consumers are still in a seeking state of mind when it comes to personal and beauty care products. Just make sure you tick all the right boxes-it’s about quality, health and authenticity.