Virtual conferences are not just bound to webinars; they have expanded. They allow you to have an offline experience without having to leave your desk.

The internet has enabled the evolution of virtual conferences that give real-life experiences. All you need to do is, log in to an event, meet and interact with people through platforms that provide chat boxes.

Not just that, you sign into web pages, designed as 3D rooms, where you can watch speakers as they speak in the form of a recorded video.

All this seems exciting, right?

Read the blog further to know how to launch a virtual conference to generate leads and acquire customers.

How to Launch a Virtual Conference to Generate Leads and Acquire Customers?

1. Set Your Vision

Choose your target audience and plan accordingly. When it comes to planning any event, not just the virtual conference, in particular, setting a goal is important. You should have a clear topic and a well-defined format.

Know your audience and learn the topics they are interested in and the kind of content they respond to. Think about what you can provide them, and what will remind them of you even after the event is over.

While you set your vision, you must think about what knowledge you are providing the audience and what they will gain after attending the virtual conference.

The format of virtual conferences is not new, and it has been there for a long time. To be successful, you must identify the latest trends to follow to execute the conference that will drive in maximum people.

2. Choose the Right Virtual Event Platform

When conducting a virtual event, technology is the most important aspect for you because even a small issue can ruin the audiences’ experience.

The idea of conducting conferences virtually is to bring the event to the audience at the comfort of their home without having them put in any extra efforts.

virtualIf your goal is to target a maximum number of people, then you must choose a platform that can be accessed with any kind of device, be it a smartphone, a tablet, or a PC. You don’t know what type of internet connection or device your target audience has, make sure your platform is both network friendly and device-friendly.

Other features to take into account are whether your chosen platform has features like chatbox, quizzes, surveys, Q&A modules, gamification, social walls, interactive virtual assets, etc.

3. Amuse Your Audience

Many virtual conferences keep happening around the world. What can you do to stand out of the crowd and amuse your audience in such a way that they remember the conference even after it is over?

Incorporating innovative technology into your virtual event is one such way to impress the viewers is an easy way.

Augmented reality or AR is a growing trend among IT companies, it is the enhanced digital version of the real world.

4. Use Social Wall to Interact and Engage with the Attendees

A social media wall is an alive or aggregated feed of social posts from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. You can display them in various digital forms like user-generated content, hashtags, posts, stories, interactions, etc.

When you introduce a social wall for your virtual conference it will open up a new world for interactions and bring engagements. It will make your event attendees step out and take part in the conversations even from behind their screens.

virtualWith social media aggregation, you can collect content from hashtags, mentions, tags, etc, to display on a social wall at the virtual conference’s screen, flashing it below the live stream, or projecting before and after each session.

5. Test Your Tech Setup Before the Event

Any technical problem during the virtual conference can sideline your event. Since it is a virtual world, that looks like a real one, there is a possibility of some glitch.

To overcome such issues it is necessary to have a test run before, forging the possibility of anything going wrong.

Do a whole dry run to identify any mishaps so that you can avoid them from happening in front of the attendees.

6. Invest Into Promoting the Event

Invest in promoting your event to target potential attendees. The top benefit of a virtual conference is that you can go global with it. Use branding and promotional techniques for your event on different digital marketing platforms.

virtualSpreading awareness about your virtual trade show with just a few clicks is an easy task. So make the most of this opportunity with relevant hashtags, embedding the trade show brochures on websites, and using User-Generated Content.

Over To You

These were a few tips you can use to generate leads and acquire customers for your virtual conference.

The best part about conducting an event on the virtual level is that there are no barriers. With the right techniques, you can make your event reach the global stage of endless possibilities.

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