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By Justin Mark

Are you one of those people who have no idea as to what a visual content marketing is?

Well, let’s keep the introduction short and simple. Visual marketing in an extensive sense is the utilization of anything that attracts the eye, with regards to selling services, experience, or a product.

As we live in a primarily digital era, earlier forms of brand marketing have stopped bringing in many positive results as they used to do. Most of the marketers have now moved away from making television commercials or radio ads and have opted for digital marketing strategy as they are to be presented in a comprehensive way.

Well, if you are a proud owner of a business, you’d have an idea that getting on board on content marketing campaign is of utmost importance. So, in order to grow and stimulate online engagement for your business, you need to have a solid idea of how to achieve it. And along with that, you need to keep in mind that visual content plays a major role in your efforts, as it sets you apart from all of your competitors.

So, now the question is when we already know that text-based content marketing is an integral part of your brand promotion, so why do people choose visual contents?

This is so simple to answer, according to several types of research and stats, the messages that are transmitted via visual contents are faster and their cues ought to trigger more emotions leaving a long-term impact on audience’s memory.

Did you know that the brain process visual content about 60,000x faster than text and more than 80% of the information that gets transmitted to the brain is, visual?

Let’s discuss some of the different types of visual content marketing before we dive into the reasons as to why such marketing is imperative for small business ventures.

Different Types of Visual Marketing Content 

#1: Images

To be honest, most of the people are very much inclines to finish reading the text that incorporates some compelling images. Due to excessive use of smart devices, the reader’s attention span has become short. And just because of that, big bodies of text seem to be very uninviting and unattractive. For this, you might need to use your own original images to add a personal hint to your internet marketing campaign.

#2: Videos

You’d be surprised to know that videos are now considered to be powerful tools for presenting solutions and delivering messages that are related to your business products and services to your potential clients. As a matter of fact, the video or visual you have made is a demonstration for your customers of the services you are selling. A little effort in formulating easy demos for your customers shows how much you care for them and how devoted you are.

For this, you might consider publishing demonstrations, video explainers, how-to videos, and even customer testimonials. But remember, all of them should support and match the overall theme style of your business brand.

#3: Screenshots

Did you know that a screenshot can be a window into the inner working of your business? Well, the screenshots have the ability to show your potential customers what your business brand is offering in a more direct angle.

The claims that you make in your sales can be backed up by the screenshots because let’s face it, a screenshot with a caption is enough to visually verify your product which you prerogative is able to perform fewer functions.

#4: Presentations

In this digital era, presentations can be shared with anyone and anywhere in the world via different presentation platforms. What does this have to do with your business? You can simply increase the outreach of your business product and services.

Presentations allow you to communicate with your audience. Their function is somewhat similar to Infographics, but presentations draw the reader’s attention into reading the text.

How would you be able to make a compelling presentation for your audience? For that you need to remain consistent with the borders, fonts, colors, proofreading the content for spelling and grammar mistakes.

#5: Infographics

Infographics are one of the excellent ways to present complex visual content marketing statistics and information. In fact, they are considered to be a compelling visual display of all of the information that you’d wish to send into the internet space.

Keep this in mind that, when Infographics are delivered as magnificent visualizations, even the weakest stats and data can be brought back to life.

Let’s now stop beating around the bush, and dive into the “Why visual marketing is important for small businesses.”

It’s simple, with the help of visual content, not only will you be able to elevate your business and attract traffic to your websites, but you will also be able to increase your revenue and buzz that surrounds your business brand.

Visual Content Drives Traffic to Your Websites

The trend of visual content marketing is considered to be the biggest driver of organic traffic is not just limited to big sites only. More and more statistics show that when small scaled or corporate business choose to include visuals with their internet content, the traffic consistently goes up.

According to some research;

  • More than 80% of the people were more likely to read content just because the piece of content had colored visuals.
  • More than 90% of the views were generated just because the content had relevant images.
  • When the subject line of the email includes the word “Video,” the open rates increased by 20%, un-subscription fell almost by 30%, and CTR increased by more than 65%.
  • Infographics were the most shared type of visual content on social media

Increases Audience Engagement

Till now you’d be familiar with the fact that visual content does improve audience engagement, but how? Well, whenever people hear about some kind of information or stat, they are only likely to remember 10% of it after a span of 3 – 4 days. But when they read information or stats that incorporates relevant images, they are likely to remember more than 60%.

Studies have demonstrated that the audience pays closer consideration to pictures that pass on data than they do content. At the point when a bit of internet content incorporates visuals, most readers invest more energy taking a gander at the pictures than they do reading the actual content.

It is Easy to Comprehend

Regardless of whether your potential customers or readers are from a different part of the world, in the neighborhood or has a place with a quite certain niche, visual content marketing is easy to understand no matter how you look at it.

You can utilize visual content to supplement your blog post, discussion posts, business pages just as the landing page of your online site as a piece of continuous visual marketing tactics and strategies. Visual contents are one of the uncommon mediums which can be comprehended by everybody on the web, and they add a great deal to your SEO ranking.

Visual Content is an Attention Grabber

You might always have been barraged by visual content, both on personal computers and smart devices. It can frequently be hard to isolate quality content from spam marketing and undesirable filler. Be that as it may, by implementing solid visual content into your current marketing strategy, you can make your image fly from the clutter.

Incorporating visual content marketing into the existing business plan can enable you to draw the consideration of the general population. You can utilize visuals to advance new items, offer limits just as membership or loyalty incentives.

It is Shareable on Social Media Sites

However, if there is one thing you can generally rely upon, it is the fact that most of the people like to use social media sites. All things considered, we are every one of the somewhat liable of using social media amid work hours or before sleep time. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram appreciate a multi-billion after, which is the reason visual content is so essential for every type of business.

It is great practice to gain from the greatest brands available with regards to social media cooperation’s. A standout among the most famous coffeehouse marks on the planet, Starbucks, is apparently, a ruler in the social media front. They do their most extreme to empower labeling, hashtags, sharing, and other online networking activities through genuine advantages. Individuals can get limits or even free espresso and sweets by being regulars on Starbuck’s social media platform where top-notch designs can be found on a daily basis.

Visual Content Is A Brand Seller

Opt to use visuals in your marketing campaign which ensure great noteworthy retention in the psyches of customers, by which an immense achievement is given that it is so hard to get through the clutter in the current time and age.

Accordingly, you can depend on visuals to advance your services and products, dynamic battles and progressing marketing.

Justin Mark has been running his digital marketing agency, City Local Pro for more than a few years. The mutual interest in digital marketing took me here, where I opt online marketing as a profession.

Visual content stock photo by Light And Dark Studio/Shutterstock