Boosting Energy by Giving Your Office a Boost

By Kerrie Kelly, ASID (American Society of Interior Designers)

Whether you’re parked at a desk in a cozy home office or sharing a space with your coworkers and employees, you’re susceptible to the 3 o’clock slump. What better way to boost your energy and tackle the rest of your afternoon tasks than with a stream of natural light? As a business owner, you can help increase employee productivity, boost morale and make your office space more open and approachable by replacing existing windows or installing additional ones. We’ve come up with a few of our favorite ways to help energize your space (and your employees!) by creating bright, open areas with windows.

1. Create a Corner of Windows. Having a small office space doesn’t mean you have to forego floor-to-ceiling-windows. Instead of incorporating them all the way through your workspace, choose a defining corner to place them. This will still visually expand your office, and your employees will get a wonderful view of their outdoor surroundings—a sight sure to boost morale. When creating this corner, make sure to use picture-style windows for the full transparent effect.

2. Install Glass Doors. If your office is a little too small to add stately floor-to-ceiling-windows, you can add glass doors instead. Glass helps to create openness throughout a room, and in a cramped office filled with desks, cubicles and chairs, transparency and visual space is a good thing. Use sliding glass doors or doors with glass inlays to add hints of design and modernity to your office’s overall look.

3. Ditch the Drapes. Does your office space already have enough windows? Make sure they have the chance to really shine by ditching the drapes and other distracting window coverings in favor of a bright, open style. Window treatments tend to make a smaller room seem stuffy, and they can collect dust and other airborne particles. If you need to have window treatments, though, opt for something light and natural, like a woven shade that’s remote operated for easy adjustment throughout the day.

4. Reposition Work Stations. If you you’re in the midst of replacing your windows or just want a new view, consider changing the layout of your office to optimize natural light. Sometimes switching the angles and positioning of desks and cubicles can help bring a refreshed appearance to the office and allow the light to hit areas it couldn’t before. Moving desks and work stations against windows can help employees stay more motivated with a beautiful view and plenty of natural light to keep them energized throughout the day.

 5. Get Creative. Small offices can’t often compromise precious wall space, as it’s generally used for whiteboards, bulletin boards, storage shelves or decor to improve the office’s appearance. However, you can add natural light with ribbon windows. These slim, horizontal panes are often placed towards the top of the wall. They add visual interest and modern style while adding lots of natural light.

Having plenty of bright windows also makes your office more eco-friendly, as you won’t need to use as much energy to run overhead lights and lamps. What are some of your favorite ways to incorporate natural light into your small space?

Kerrie Kelly is an interior designer who can transform a boring space into a beautiful, functional room. As a woman who owns her own business, she understands the importance of natural light and big windows to keep her employees productive. To see a wide selection of window options, visit The Home Depot.