Protect Your Small Business From the Flu

Date posted: February 6, 2013

The flu season is hitting small businesses hard, with the CDC estimating that flu will cost businesses more than $7 billion in lost productivity this year. How can you keep your business humming, and your employees and yourself healthy?

Susan Solovic offers a range of resources for small business on her website, including The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety’s  Flu Season Business Assessment to help you evaluate your risk and the IBHS’s free Open for Business® toolkit to help you plan for a variety of emergencies (including the flu) that could disrupt day-to-day operations. Get more tips at  and from Susan’s appearance on the Wall Street Journal’s “Lunch Break” show.

Can you legally require your employees to get flu shots? You might want to if you’re in an industry where workers deal with the public, such as restaurants, foodservice or day care, but will this put you on the wrong side of the law? FindLaw offers some advice.

And if you have to travel on business during the height of flu season, Business Insider‘s look at Google Trends for flu and travel will help you pinpoint the hot spots for flu viruses, along with some tips for staying healthy.

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