Remote work has become an interesting and developed field of professional habit. Working remotely has a lot of different advantages, and hundreds of thousands of digital nomads have popped up, who move around the world living and working remotely in different areas.

There are a lot of different factors that can affect how good a city is to work from remotely. One of the most obvious factors is the cost of living. If you’re bankrupting yourself by living in an expensive area while you work remotely, it can easily defeat the purpose. Likewise, if the internet quality where you’re working is poor, or the content controlled by government censorship and blocking, then that is a red flag in terms of working remotely.

Since there is so much information on the best cities to work from remotely, it can be useful to go over a list and check out all the different criteria that may end up affecting your decision of where to go. To this end, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best places in the world to work from remotely. These rankings are based on things like cost of living, word of mouth, the safety of the neighbourhoods, jobs available, and a host of other things ranging from internet quality to the climate.

When selecting the city that’s right for you, it’s important to keep in mind the language you speak, the cultures you’re used to working with, and the types of changes you expect to work out in your favour if you choose to work from those locations remotely. Another good thing to keep in mind is that using the internet in all these places may require you to use a VPN in order to connect safely and access the content you need. The best VPN out there in terms of popularity is ExpressVPN.

So, without further ado, the list!

#10 Warsaw, Poland

This European destination boasts a temperate climate for most of the year, as well as a very safe and hospitable culture. The drinking water is safe, the internet has decent speeds, and there’s a decent amount of work and living accommodations available for digital nomads. One drawback is that their tolerance of racial and LGBT minorities is lower than other areas.

#9 Seoul, South Korea

This is an exotic option that provides excellent internet speeds, female-friendly culture, good quality of life, and high air quality for a decent cost. There are a few drawbacks, in that its difficult to get around on foot, and the weather can be a bit cold. There is also only a limited amount of English spoken in the region, and low racial tolerance.

 #8 Lisbon, Portugal

A great destination in coastal Iberia with excellent scores for air quality, wifi availability, work availability, freedom of speech, and LGBT friendliness. There are a few major drawbacks, as well, unfortunately.

The main drawbacks are the lack of decent hospitals and the climate. Luckily, though, most of the country has a decent amount of English speakers.

 #7 Mexico City, Mexico

This one can be a bit of a surprise for some people, but Mexico City actually has passable internet speeds, as well as excellent walkability, a good amount of fun activities to do outside of work, and great job availability. The racial tolerance, LGBT friendliness, freedom of speech, and general safety is a bit weak, but there is still a lot to like about this destination.

 #6 Prague, Czechia

This is a good option for internet speed, temperate weather, good nightlife, good work availability, foreigner friendliness, and freedom of speech. Unfortunately, it tends to fall behind in areas like racial tolerance, peace, and availability of free wifi. On the other hand, although they are not very racially tolerant, they seem to be quite tolerant of the LGBT community.

 #5 Medellín, Colombia

Another South American option out of Colombia provides excellent walkability, great nightlife, great work availability, low startup cost, low cost of living, and high air quality. Although many of its good points are very good, there are a few areas where they definitely score very low, such as climate, English speakers, racial tolerance, internet speed, and access to good Hospitals.

 #4 Bankok, Thailand

Another Asian option that most people are familiar with to some extent. They provide excellent work opportunities with fast internet, low cost of living, foreigner-friendly environment, LGBT tolerance, and low startup cost. However, they do seem to lag behind in terms of racial tolerance, climate, peace, and traffic safety.

 #3 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Yet another South American option has a very low cost of living, a fun culture and nightlife, foreigner-friendly environment, racial and LGBT tolerance, safe traffic and walkability, and good freedom of speech. There is less here to complain about than for some of the other destinations, but the climate is a bit hot, and the internet can be a bit slow.

 #2 Chiang Mai, Thailand

It’s not surprising to see another option from Thailand here. This destination boasts a low cost of living, high job availability, low cost of startup, and overall fun time. However, it does seem to rate very low in terms of racial tolerance, air quality, climate, and general peace.

 #1 Canggu Bali, Indonesia

The number one best-rated place in the world to work from remotely at the moment is Canggu Bali in Indonesia. This location has a very very low cost of living, a great amount of fun stuff to do around the city, a good amount of jobs available and friendly culture towards foreigners. Even their LGBT and racial tolerances seem to be good. The one area where they could improve is healthcare.

Canggu photo courtesy: Alexander @CC · Discovery of the city of Denpasar near Canggu – Canggu

Warsaw stock photo by fotorince/Shutterstock