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By Gleb Smolich

Eating out socially has turned into a religion. A growing number of fast-food and fast-casual venues deliver the most authentic and versatile flavors for any taste and preference. Moreover, traditional restaurants are on trend for people who look for high-quality service and catering. Eating out is not just about food, but also an opportunity to explore new places. For the restaurant industry, they can achieve a greater connection to their market audience with the help of strong and innovative restaurant website designs.

A food website design plan is a major tool that will allow your customers to learn more about your restaurant or cafe. Location and extended menu options are still crucial essentials for the foodservice industry, but can we actually add some extras to this list? The best food website design trends may help in deciding how you can boost your site, even further. If you come across creative food and restaurant website designs, you’re more likely to visit the venue, aren’t you? Check our top 10 web designs related to the food industry, below.

#1 – Royal Plate

Hailing from the Big Apple, this site takes it much further than when compared to a typical fast food website design. The overall feeling is rather posh and engaging, with some animation details that add exclusiveness and make a user want to try all those specialties described on the menu. It also features organic products, depicting fresh and healthy ingredients that trigger an appetite.

#2 – The Rosa

Using templates when designing a food website may also be a good idea if you implement a smart approach. The Rosa is a good example of this approach, offering an authentic style that reflects the venue’s main specialties, as well as its interior, including wooden furniture with fur, leather, and pine.

#3 – Tio Luchin

This venue has numerous fans across the globe, even though it is located in Lima, Peru. It gained popularity, mainly, due to an engaging and interesting web design that features different images of cooking appliances and equipment, in addition to raw ingredients. Just scroll down to see more digital food art on their website!

#4 – Quay

Once you hear this restaurant is based in Australia, you expect to see kangaroo steaks on the menu. Quay is a unique Australian restaurant specializing in healthy organic foods, which you can tell from the interactive video on their homepage, which is part of their overall website design.

#5 – Baltazar

Once you visit this site, you realize that you are in the center of a beef kingdom. You have hardly seen so many kebabs and shawarmas in one place. This is Turkey, and the website design totally reflects the atmosphere of this authentic venue.

#6 – Green Rebel

Truly healthy food is the main specialty of this Ottawa-based restaurant. Every slight detail of its website reflects the main concept and atmosphere of the venue itself. It includes a nice interactive video displaying the restaurant’s cooking processes and images of some of the guests. In a short time, you’ll start feeling like you are a part of a team or have been there before!

#7 – Il Buco

Italy is the home of some of the most memorable cuisine and shapes in the world. Have a look at one of the best Italian website designs, for Il Buco, which elegantly combines the horizontal scroll with vertical features. The landing page is stunning, and animated sections appear smoothly as you start scrolling down. No doubt, this is an A-list design.

#8 – Crudo

This venue’s website design highlights vegan food in all its diversity! With so many colors in use, web designers have made it possible to create a single picture using monolithic backgrounds to stress their veggie specialties.

#9 – Moxhe

Once you land on this website, you will be amazed right off the bat with an infinitely looped live image of ocean waves, creating a tranquil atmosphere and setting. The reservation form is another great design feature on this topnotch site.

#10 – Hualalai Grille

This site actually consists of five different websites, and is a place where they all come together. Each separate site refers to a particular menu category that is presented in a vertical folder. The elegant dish showcase is another design feature that you will appreciate.

It does not actually matter what you are trying to create. Whether you are planning to launch a food truck website design or need to implement a stunning food delivery website design, always keep in mind that bright images, wide dimensions and animations rule. If your visitors like the images they see, they will like your venue, as well.

Lack of design ideas may be one of the main obstacles when getting started, and you may need to look for further inspiration. Try visiting some of the most popular websites for some ideas, or opt for professional web development assistance.

Gleb Smolich is a developer with 4 years of experience in IT working at Agentestudio in Minsk, Belarus. The development of RoR-based web applications is my prime area of expertise.