Customers today expect a more authentic connection from the brands they patronize, and the best way to connect with your customers is through social media polls.

Facebook remains the largest social media platform, but Instagram has continued to grow in popularity, especially among younger audiences.

Instagram now has over 1 billion users and one of the best ways to drive engagement on the platform is with Instagram Stories.

Instagram stories let you post videos and photos to your Instagram account that disappear after 24hours. Instagram stories are fun, they help to humanize your brand, and they boost engagement with your audience.

Instagram stories is equipped with many engagement-boosting features. Among these features, Polls remain the most effective way to make your Instagram Stories interesting and stimulate audience interactions.

Instagram polls let you ask your audience questions, and they respond by voting on your poll. This helps you entertain your followers and gain valuable insights into customer preferences and tastes.

Instagram polls are versatile and can be used in many ways. To inspire you, here are 10 creative ways to use Instagram polls.

Use Polls To Create Fun Quizzes

Instagram polls are a great way to give your audience a good laugh. You can liven up the day of your followers by asking questions that make them see the funny aspect of a mundane situation. Good humor always drives engagement.

Take Vanity Fair, the fashion and culture magazine used a series of fun quizzes to prepare their audience for Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

Use Polls To Educate Your Audience

When sharing updates about your business in your Instagram stories, polls are a great way to get the opinions of your followers. Polls add an element of interaction that helps your audience learn more about your business.

General Electric (GE) has mastered the art of using Instagram polls to educate their audience. Just check out this Instagram poll where the audience were told to guess what they are looking at.

It turns out, it’s a Heat Exchanger, and the design is inspired by “Heat Exchangers”  that occur in nature like lungs.

Use Polls To Generate Excitement About Upcoming Products

Polls are a great way to catch the attention of your followers and generate excitement around product updates and upcoming new products.

Take Tentsile for example, they used Instagram polls to promote a new tent to their followers.

Use Polls To Create Interest In Your Content

Instagram lets you add links to your Instagram stories, and this is a fantastic opportunity to drive traffic to your blog posts.

You can tease your blog post in your Instagram story and offer your followers an incentive to swipe up and visit your blog post.

Adventurecats use Instagram polls to tease their content. This poll is to tease an article about how to make a handmade cat tree.

Use Polls To Tease Upcoming Events

Mysterious and teasing polls are a great way to build anticipation and excitement about upcoming events. Such polls boost your chances of getting participants to attend your events since you can track and message users that responded to your poll.

The designer Kristen Forgione uses Instagram polls to promote her webinars, just like this one.

Use Polls To Showcase Your Brand Values

Customer purchase decisions are largely shaped by the beliefs and values of the brands they patronize. Brand boycotts are now commonplace when customers do not agree with the values and corporate decisions of a company.

Polls are a great way to show your customers what you believe in and to spread awareness about social causes that will resonate with your followers.

Refinery29 used Instagram polls to show their followers they care about the climate change strike.

Use Polls For Customer Research

Polls let you question your followers, and the best way to get to know your customers is by asking them questions. Polls are a great way to build deeper connections with your customers, to discover their likes and dislikes, and learn about improvements they would like to see in your products and services.

Use Polls To Get Your Customers To Vote For Their Favorite Products

Product polls are a great way to discover customer preferences. Asking your followers to vote for their favorite products will not only boost the visibility of your product line but also help you discover products popular with customers.

The swimwear brand, Mimi Hammer, used Instagram polls to get followers to vote for their favorite swimsuit designs.

Use Polls To Get Customer Feedback

You can get honest and constructive feedback from customers through Instagram polls. Honest feedback on your products, services, logistics, and more will help you better understand how your customers view your business.

Ikea USA asked its followers for feedback on their cabinet preferences.

Use Polls To Involve Customers In The Creation Of New Products

A good way to let your customers know their opinions matters is by asking your followers for ideas on new products and ways to evolve existing products.

In this Instagram poll, Sephora asked for customer input about an upcoming cosmetic product.


Instagram polls are easy to create and are a fun way to interact with your audience and spice up your Instagram Stories. It’s now up to you to put these ideas into practice.

Test out the ideas above with your audience and see what works and what doesn’t. When you gain some traction, you will have discovered another avenue to boost brand awareness and connect with your audience.

Sylvain Bailly is a blogger and digital entrepreneur passionate about learning and teaching ways to make money online, his blog SmartExpertSecrets.com is designed to bring financial and location freedom. Connect with him on Linkedin

Polls stock photo by Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock