From medical professionals to project managers and quality assurance process managers, there are plenty of careers that experience a great level of employee satisfaction. Some require a certificate and the completion of an online course or degree program, but others simply expect hard workers and quality employees.

Pediatric Life Support

Getting your Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certificate often takes less time than you’d think. There are ways to get an online PALS certification. The PALS course will teach you the fundamentals of basic life support that many healthcare professionals know. Your PALS certificate provides proof that you’ve completed PALS training and is a great addition to any resume.

Quality Assurance Professional

Like many medical professionals, quality assurance pros do life-saving work. Employed by some of the world’s largest avionics companies, an avionics engineer is responsible for DO-254 compliance and for following quality assurance best practices. It’s important to get DO-254 training on the RTCA DO-254 to ensure that you’re a hardware engineer who takes a systematic approach to airborne electronic hardware. Avionics hardware development professionals enjoy a high degree of career satisfaction.

Nursing Assistant

Whether you’re performing CPR or assisting a patient who is experiencing cardiac arrest, nurses are more in need than ever. It’ll require that you complete not only a certification course, but supplemental education and additional classes at a training center. If it’s your first time in the healthcare field, you’ll frequently work alongside trainers, pharmacology students, and other medical professionals to learn the ins and outs of the profession.


While doctors are busy and need to constantly advance their skills, they’re also incredibly satisfied by their work. Whether you want to be a pediatric healthcare provider who is familiar with how PALS works or you’re developing the course material for basic training for medical students in an educational course, your work is incredibly important. Whether helping patients with respiratory distress or cardiac arrest, your work is invaluable.

Product Manager

Product managers, along with sales operation managers, create the training material that helps assist clients down the sales funnel. They often work alongside advanced hardware developers to drive product strategy. They also work with program managers to ensure client satisfaction. It’s a busy, hectic job but it’s one that employees love. If you’re interested in developing instructional materials for clients and colleagues and determining the use of these materials, you might succeed as a product manager.

Avionics Engineer

Much like their quality assurance counterparts, an avionics engineer works with the application of DO-254 to ensure that team members have full knowledge of software-hardware development processes. That’s part of the real intent of DO-254 certification: guaranteeing that design assurance guidance is met. You’ll likely need an intermediate DO-254 training course for avionics hardware engineers.

Brand Manager

As a brand manager, you help shape the proficiency with which your company markets itself. You often help your company remain the only legal owner of all intellectual property and make sure that your brand isn’t misrepresented in the public eye. Brand management verification is a big draw to employers.

Data Scientist

Data scientists enjoy their jobs because they’re analytically driven and research-based. A data scientist is often the principal author of their own work in popular publications like Science Today. Data scientists are often attendees to some of the biggest conferences each year.

Medical Receptionist

Though it’s not as technical a job as being a doctor or a nurse, you still make a major difference in patients’ lives. From helping navigate pediatric emergencies with ill infants to assisting patients with respiratory distress, you’re at the forefront of the patient experience.

Marketing Assistant

marketing assistant can help shape the direction a company takes during its life cycle and is a participant in the marketing department, which is integral to a company’s success. You often work alongside the principal founder of a company to take their vision and make it a reality.

There are plenty of happy employees out there. If you’re ready to join them, consider one of these and many other careers.

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