By Karen Axelton

021c1203pmThe Small Business Web, an affiliation of Web application providers, has put together an online directory of small-business apps offered by its members. “We believe small businesses should have access to the same tools and technology that big companies have without paying a huge amount,” say the site authors.

One of the most useful features of the directory is that it tells you which apps work well together. Finding free or low-cost apps is pretty easy, but making sure they all mesh seamlessly isn’t. You can also search, find apps listed A to Z or find them listed by categories.

Another useful source: Over at Biz-Learner, check out this list of 50 free sources for sample business plans, templates for business plans and other forms and business documents, and business models.

Between these two resources, you’re sure to find something that can help your business, no matter what stage you’re in.