YouTube channel is becoming a great source of marketing information. This information is in the form of a series of interactive videos filled with content and interesting lessons. Many people are developing a preference for acquiring information from video tutorials and lessons.

By Lorenzo Gutierrez

In 2019 we have 15 marketing YouTube channels that give you deep substantive information about marketing and the insides of the online marketing business.

Marketing 360

Marketing 360 channel is a platform where a marketer can get relevant content regarding professional marketing services and integrated software technology.

It has provided its subscribers with access to a number of featured channels giving a variety of information to different people like developers, designers, content creators, and marketers. The channel strives to educate and drive results to all who consume their content.

Google Webmasters

This channel is where you can find tools and information to assist you in understanding your site and ultimately improve its status in Google search. Both starters and professionals with Google webmaster tools can benefit from the information in this channel.

In the channel, you can learn how to make sites, various ways to market your site and get assistance on managing your site.

Billy-Gene Is-Marketing Inc.

Bill gene is one of renowned online marketing influencer, educator and sums up as a practitioner. He offers online courses and live streams about relevant entrepreneurial and marketing skills.

His channel offers more teaching and motivational lessons about marketing and other entrepreneurial features. Bill Gene focuses on teaching marketers how to use social media to improve their returns on local businesses.


Koozai is a unified group of digital marketing experts. Their channel offers comprehensive videos on content marketing, PPC, SEO, and social media marketing skills. Videos offered to provide you with deep insides about digital marketing and lead you through the path of successive marketing.

Koozai is an award-winning digital marketing agency. Their content is creative and innovative giving you new marketing strategies.

Ahrefs TV

Ahrefs TV YouTube channel focuses on actionable SEO tutorials that show you how to increase your search traffic on Google. These tutorial videos are relevant to both beginners and professionals in search engine optimization.

These videos will educate you on content marketing, technical SEO, keyword research, and link building. Being one of the world’s leading SEO tools Ahref gives substantial information based on expertise and experience in their videos.

Jay Baer

This is a renowned business strategist and New-York Times bestselling author of four books. His YouTube channel helps business people get and maintain more customers. He has significant experience in marketing strategies and has advised more than 700 companies since 2004.

He offers this expertise and experience through video tutorials and advisory programs on his channel. He owns a strategy consulting firm – Convince & Convert which has played a significant role in helping companies’ acquire more customers through social media, technology and customer service.

Marketing-News Tonight With Charles-Head

This YouTube channel gives educational marketing information. The channel also gives information on marketing trends and new strategies that can be applied. Videos in the channel have marketing lessons on different aspects of online marketing.

Marketing news tonight provides tutorials on how to improve your marketing strategies and acquire more customers on your online platform. The channel is growing in creating informative videos and can be resourceful for a beginner or intermediate marketer.

Marketing Land

This YouTube channel offers news and information about internet marketing and covers all areas of the internet marketing industry. In the channel, you will find videos of social media best practices, the latest technology in the market and marketing strategies tutorials.

Despite the channel not being updated with videos in the recent month, it still has resourceful videos which can improve your marketing skills.

The Digital Marketing-Institute

The Digital Marketing-Institute YouTube channel offers videos about digital marketing, marketing strategies, marketing standards, and all marketing related information. They are a global certification institution in digital marketing education.

This institution defines the skills required by professional digital marketers. It is well known for certifying great and successful digital marketers. Their videos are quite resourceful for marketers who want to improve their marketing skills to global standards.

Technology Advise

Here is a YouTube channel that focuses on advising buyers and sellers of business technology. Through relevant videos, the channel educates buyers on the best technology meeting their needs and one which will help improve their businesses.

As for sellers, the channel would help them grow their customer base and find possible clients to their businesses. Their channel has information on technology tips, sincere product reviews, and much more technology-related advice.

SEM Rush

SEM Rush official YouTube channel is a great learning platform for digital marketers. The channel offers video tutorials, pro tips, webinars, and much more resourceful content and advisory about digital marketing.

The channel has videos about SEO, analysis of marketing trends, Google products, market behaviors and series of podcasts about marketing issues. Videos in this channel can help marketers improve their marketing practices and adopt more successful practices to improve their businesses.

Melonie Dodara

This channel is a renowned expert on LinkedIn marketing and social selling. She is the CEO of Top Dog social-media which is a digital sales and marketing company. Melonie is a great marketing influencer and has quite a significant experience in digital marketing.

On this YouTube channel, you will find videos of content marketing, social selling, lead generation, LinkedIn marketing, building authority as well as thought leadership. These videos will build your marketing skills and increase your market awareness.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytic YouTube channel majorly shows you how to leverage the platform for ultimate digital marketing success. This channel has videos and product tips for data studio, tag manager, analytics, optimize and digital marketing surveys.

Google Analytics can be quite resourceful to a SEO, online marketing consultant, designer and all those whose businesses run with Google. This channel can help you increase your knowledge on using Google tools and this will sharpen your marketing skills.


The Hub Spot YouTube channel offers you videos that will transform your marketing strategies to a better level. This channel contains information that will help you attract scores in social media and blogs.

HubSpot helps you know the right content to put at the correct time in the required manner. It has videos about customer relations, sales strategies, and marketing advisory. The site can help you improve your sales skills and marketing strategies.,


The 15 marketing YouTube channels can be quite resourceful to your business. They should help you improve your skills and strategies and ultimately obtain good results.

Lorenzo Gutierrez is an aspiring author for the digital marketing industry. By day he works in the digital marketing industry as a consultant assisting companies with online growth strategies. Lorenzo has a dog, enjoys good coffee and food. Connect with Lorenzo on his LinkedIn.

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