By Karen Axelton

photo mapMy company is based in California, typically depicted as a pretty tough place to run a business due to all the regulations. (No argument there.) If you’re feeling like your state is less than hospitable to small businesses, check out this article from Forbes that spotlights 11 states with outstanding programs to lure small businesses.

Forbes teamed up with CB Insights, a New York City firm that tracks private-company funding trends, to pinpoint programs across the country that have deep pockets. The offerings range from grants and loans to equity capital.

The programs generally focus on luring high-tech companies that will, in turn, attract more talent, angel investors and venture capital to a region.

Of course, the promise of assistance in itself is not a reason to pull up stakes. Before you decide to move your company, thoroughly assess other factors including the costs to your business of losing key employees who may not make the move; the available work force in the new area; costs of living there; transportation issues; any differences in market demographics and how your tax bite will differ in the new location.

If it all checks out, then go ahead and make your move.