Guest Post By Trey Markel

87551441I was born and raised in Newport Beach, California, and have been surfing ever since I can remember. My brothers and I would ditch school if the waves got big enough. We had a blast.

I was out bodysurfing last weekend here in southern California. The waves that day were inconsistent.  I was constantly trying to read the swells, time the waves, and catch the perfect wave at the correct time so I could have a good ride.  I couldn’t help but think how similar surfing is to running my business.

I started my own business about six months ago, and it has been one heck of an experience so far. This story will sound familiar to many entrepreneurs: You work for a business, you think you could do it better yourself, but when you actually do it, reality hits you like a brick wall.  As a new business owner, there is so much to learn and so much to accomplish.

As a body surfer, if I try to take every single wave that rolls in, I am most definitely going to drown.   There is no way I can keep up with the currents, swim back and forth, and try to catch them all.  When starting a business or growing a business, it is very easy to want to jump at every single opportunity that comes in the door.  As an entrepreneur, you want to tackle the world and accomplish everything under the sun.  Trying to do it all will leave you underwater and with no air to breathe.  Sometimes you have to just say no to a new client or a new partner because you are focused and waiting for that perfect wave that will take you to the next phase in the ride.

After surfing for so many years, I have learned that fighting Mother Nature is not a good idea.  You want to go one way in the water, but the ocean says no and pushes you a different direction.  When starting my business, I found that fighting the system is pointless.  Don’t cut corners; do it right from the beginning.  Whether it’s building business credit, applying for a small business loan or hiring employees, do your research and don’t try to reinvent the wheel.  If you run and operate your business the right way from the beginning, the future will be much easier to manage and getting to shore will be a breeze. Take your time and keep your eyes open for that perfect wave.

Trey Markel is the owner and CEO of T3 Media Marketing. Trey is a diehard entrepreneur, loves to sing in the shower and is addicted to surfing. You can read more of Trey’s posts on his personal blog at