2021 is already proving to be another year for the history books. By the end of the year, 25 to 30 percent of the workforce will be working remotely. For some, it may be a year since their companies had employees set foot in the office. With unclear timelines about when water cooler chats and in-person meetings can resume, many companies are left wondering how to ease the transition back to the office. Whether your team is work-from-home (WFH) or socially distanced across the office, one thing is for sure: businesses need to find ways to adapt to these unprecedented times while still making their employees feel safe and comfortable—both in and out of the office.

Ring Lights and Broadcasting Lighting Kits To Brighten Your Video Calls

With frequent at-home videoconferencing part of The New Normal, organizations worldwide are looking for ways to improve the overall quality and remove distractions caused by poor lighting. We’ve all experienced a Zoom call where some participants are barely visible—whether they’re backlit, making them look like shadows or overly lit, resulting in the image becoming blown out and hard to see.

For a meeting where the video is turned on, it’s essential to have the right lighting in place before starting the call. Consider investing in ring lights and broadcast lighting kits for video calls. Available in different sizes, they can easily fit on laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Broadcast lighting kits will turn your meetings into professional-grade sessions, which can come in handy for any meetings or company-wide events that need to be recorded.

If you or your employees hold discussions with stakeholders, lead team meetings, or host company-wide functions, improve video call quality with the right lighting solutions.

Phone sanitizers

Do your business and employees a favor and counter bacteria levels 18 times higher than public restrooms with UV phone sanitizer. Portable UV sanitizer uses ultraviolet light to effectively disinfect smartphones and other belongings, killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria within 5 minutes.

In various compact sizes, UV Sanitizer is perfect for any home or office desk to quickly clean and disinfect office supplies such as phones, pens, pencils, earphones, and more. Employees can just plug the UV phone sanitizer into their laptops, and you’re all set to start sanitizing.

Personal air purifiers

Do you or your employees suffer from allergy symptoms, congestion, or dry skin? Consider a personal humidifier or air purifier for your at-home or in-person workstations. This is a great way to keep their environments feeling fresh and improving the overall air quality of their spaces. Even if team members don’t suffer from any health issues, adding a personal air purifier to their workspace has many positive health benefits.

If employees are always on the go, consider portable air purifier options that are small enough to fit in a car cup holder. No matter where they go, a portable air purifier will keep their space free from airborne pollutants.

Massage guns to get out the kinks

After sitting at a desk all day, employees can release tension and stress with a precision massage gun. By mimicking the traditional strikes and movements of masseurs and masseuses, massage guns allow them to get the same benefits, but from the office or home. This is an excellent option for them to keep near their workstations for those stressful days or just to relax during the daily lunch break.

Massage guns help warmup muscles ahead of a workout or other physically demanding activity. For anyone who spends most of their time behind a desk, a massage gun will increase blood flow to a specific muscle area, reducing inflammation and muscle tension. Team members can say goodbye to those pesky, painful knots.

Mask accessories

As businesses begin to welcome employees back to the office, new mask policies and social distancing measures will be part of The New Normal. 86% of companies require or plan to require all employees to wear face masks at the office.

Masks are designed with ear loops or straps that can irritate the back of the ear after extended use. Make the back-to-work transition more comfortable with face mask accessories, including car visors with ten masks, mask keepers, and mask chains for extra style and flair.

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