Coworkers in the office

By Shane Barbanel

In the coworking industry, hot desking is a term referred to when individuals work without a designated desk and instead have access to any location within the space.

Hot desking gives employees the freedom to have a space to brainstorm, while still providing you a private space to get cooking on a project. Most spaces also give users the ability to present the product or idea to your team in a separate room. This is the power of hot desking.

Coworking spaces enable the maverick lifestyle of entrepreneurs who are building innovative companies. The open environment produces an opportunity to connect with likeminded individuals by not locking workers into a particular space from day-to-day. This advances their knowledge in developing projects and exceeding company objectives.

With that in mind, here are three of the benefits of hot desking at a coworking space that a company can experience from placing their workers in a collaborative setting.

Motivates Your Staff by Getting Them Out of the House

If you’ve ever worked from a Starbucks or at home, you know how much of a motivational killer those places can be. All your energy can go into a black hole of procrastination, whether it be cooking meals, playing a game or watching TV–it can suck the business life out of workers and negatively impact their creativity and productivity.

Employees need accountability and must have someplace to go where other people are getting work done. A coworking space offers a setting where other motivated hot desking individuals are completing business tasks and collaborating on ambitious ventures.

Working remotely can lead your staff to get cabin fever. While it may not be Jack Nicholson in The Shining, it still leads to less than appealing results and often times burn out in the work place. However, hot desking at a coworking space gets employees out of their home and in an office to build up their morale and separates their balance of work and home activities.

Want to spark motivation with employees? Get them in an environment that is buzzing with startups and entrepreneurs looking to change the world with the next great innovations. Their enthusiasm and pride in their work will result in a steady flow of positivity throughout your company.

Provides a Work Environment That Meets the Personality of Every Worker

The benefits of hot desking at a coworking space are tremendous. While one employee may favor a traditional desk another might be more productive working from the lounge. The ability to lay back in a lounge can be the setting that fits an employee the best, because while he’s reclining he is inspired by the productive atmosphere – whether they are writing code, designing the next hot fashion trend or developing a ground breaking business plan. While, their colleagues may be stationed standing up and collaborating at the workbar on the other side of the space. If a new employee previously worked out of a coffee shop, then access to the café provides the work elements needed to succeed and get work done.

Hot desking gives your workers freedom and accountability. After all, coworking spaces have been designed to fit all personalities. So one can work from anywhere in the space to achieve company goals and objectives without limitations due to the fact that conference rooms, office amenities and countless other perks are available on premise to match the behavior and preferences of workers.

Increases Innovation and Creativity

Hot desking is great because you are not alone! You are functioning in an environment with other coworkers and other businesses within the coworking space that are innovating and building their business. By positioning your office within a coworking space, your staff is being sent into the orbit of other doers, which presents an amazing incentive to put together incredible work.

All that talent and ambition under one roof can create the hive mind – when you find yourself in a conversation with someone in your space who has the solution to a problem you’re looking to solve.

Different locations can spark creativity and hot desking workers are never at a loss for new work locations to brainstorm ideas. The freedom of selecting locations enables the company to reap the true benefits.

From the conference room to work bar or desk to the couch – the atmosphere of coworking spaces adds value to companies which will drive productivity within the organization.

Shane Barbanel is the founder & CEO of CoLab-Factory.