By Ali Craig

Trends, fads, whatever you call them, let’s be honest- they have a bad rap. For most of us, when we were growing up no one wanted to be “trendy.” The “trendy” ones were the one hit wonders, cool today and gone tomorrow- and no brand wants that.

But today trends are different.

Trends are no longer regional or take time to go from coast to coast.  Trends spread like wildfires today because of social media. Trends are global, viral, and feed or soothe aspects of our human nature.

And it is these aspects of our human nature, that every brand should be tapping into.

Here are three trends every brand needs to embody.

1.  Magical. Unicorns, dragons, fairies– these mythical creatures have re-infiltrated our society once again and they aren’t going anywhere because the magic reminds us that anything is possible. It creates a land different from our realities.

What does this mean for your brand?

Give your audience hope. Be inspirational. Don’t focus on the work, the now, or the hardship. Focus on the future, the impossible becoming possible, and that together (you and your audience) can change the world together.

2. Superheros. All cultures love superheroes, but Western society seems to have an extra love affair with them. From Wonder Woman, Thor, Superman, Spiderman, and Batman- superheroes tell us that the seemingly ordinary can be extraordinary when they tap into the truth of who they are.

To do this for your brand’s audience, talk about what they want to change. These changes could be personal like losing weight, professional like making more money, or on a larger social scale like fighting against injustices. Whatever is your audience’s motivator, allow your brand to support them in discovering their own ways of solving the problem. Be the Alfred to their Batman.

3. Millennial Pink. Now before you start changing your brand colors to Millennial Pink, hear me out. The love affair with this trending color has nothing to do with the color itself. The Millennial Pink obsession is a modern twist on the traditional while rediscovering its true roots.

Share the true history of your industry, service, or brand with your audience and then show the twist your brand currently adds to the work. The Millennial Pink trend is about being rooted in history with a modern approach. Show your audience how your brand currently does this via your work and products and you will tap into the hearts and minds of your audience just like the trend does.

Now embodying these trends, isn’t about being literal. It is about making sure that your marketing conversation and offers speak to the needs that these trends fulfill.

About Ali Craig: With over 18 years of branding knowledge, international consultant, speaker, 3x best-selling author, producer, and strategist, Ali Craig is an energetic expert who knows how to make large ideas doable for anyone who is serious about taking action and creating an influential brand. With her Neuro Human Branding™ method, Ali weaves science, psychology, design, and human nature into an easy to apply system that any brand can use to grow their audience’s connections, conversions, and community. Ali Craig can be regularly seen on national television shows across the country and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, and the Denver Post. Fix My Brand with Ali Craig is a nine-week social experiment to take nine brands of all types and from around the world and transform them from fledgling to fierce competition.