The recent Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show showcased some hot trends for at-home dining and entertaining that can translate well to restaurants, too. Here’s what you need to know, according to Smartblog on Restaurants:

1. Beverages are big. Beverages dominated the event, with coffee and tea vendors displaying their wares. Some of the trends include coffee infused with ganoderma, a mushroom that has health benefits; canned coffee that enables making iced coffee quickly and easily; and pairing tea and coffee with other foods like chocolate, much like wine is paired with foods at wine tastings.

2. Appetizers are where it’s at. Small plates are popular, with groups wanting to mix and mingle over cocktails and appetizers. Dips and spreads were plentiful at the show, including oils, jams and mustards, and can offer an easy and inexpensive way for any restaurant or bar to upsell the standard bread basket or bowl of peanuts.

3. Presentation is paramount. Entertaining experts at the show displayed ways to make gatherings festive. The same ideas can translate to your restaurant; for instance, boxes wrapped like holiday gifts can add to fall and winter decor. You can also be frugal: One demonstration at the show turned Halloween pumpkins painted white into snowmen. What decor could you repurpose and re-use in your restaurant?