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Today, there are more than 5 billion mobile users in the world. This means that mobile app promotion strategies must go a notch higher in 2020. At least 90 percent of consumers in the US are using mobile apps to either buy things, search for information or entertainment. There are close to 4.8 billion iOS and Android apps that users can choose from for their effective interaction with their mobile phones. According to the app management platform AppFollow, the streaming services and games apps have dominated the landscape. These factors have forced marketers to come up with innovative ways of leveraging mobile apps to their advantage. In keeping up with the ever-evolving mobile app space, mobile app marketing must be keen on spotting key opportunities and trends that could arise and affect the success of both the brands and apps.

In 2020, the 3 key trends that will make a better mobile app promotion include; creating apps that will enable users to transact, creation of new experiences by 5G, VR and AR, as well as, creating apps that enhance security to its users.

1. Mobile Apps with Transaction Options

In the past, most companies had been making do with mobile-friendly websites as their primary channel. This trend might not be viable for long because most mobile users are now opting to transact using their apps. Well-developed apps have more interactive interfaces with faster response times. These are the two most important factors that ensure that consumers can follow through when making transactions. Therefore, most apps must be made compatible with higher-end devices to maximize their abilities while enhancing the experience of the user. For instance, the utilization of biometric technologies helps in making mobile payments both secure and fast. 

Mobile users can check out by simply scanning their thumbs. Among the main priorities for numerous organizations in 2020 is better integration of mobile payment, digital wallets, and point of sale systems to reduce the problem arising when conducting the check out process. It will be essential for companies to consider the integration of these functionalities and features in their mobile apps.

2. Creation of New Experiences by 5G, VR, and AR

5G will be accessible in most regions in 2020. Most device developers are set to make models that will accommodate new wireless standards. The introduction of 5G connectivity will experience faster load times and an internet connection. These abilities will help in unleashing the potential of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality). The working of VR and AR applications will improve through the utilization of 5G network performance, which has the capacity of providing 100 times more traffic and 10 times less latency in comparison to the current generations. This factor will improve the VR and AR experiences for mobile apps users.

The expected increase in the usage of VR and AR will entail immense app marketing insight as the marketers explore numerous technologies that will be integrated into their brand strategies, as well as their apps. The marketers can effectively explore using events, virtual spaces, and VR/AR-based games in their brands’ promotion.

3. Enhanced Security Features

One of the major problems that have been experienced by mobile apps users in the past is the underlying threats of cyberattacks. Numerous malware has been experienced in both Android and iOS. Vulnerabilities in the operating systems have left most users exposed to possible hacks in the past. Many instances of stealing data from different users have been experienced in the past after using rogue apps. The security problems encountered in the past have prompted most mobile apps users to discern the kind of security they need for their mobile apps. The introduction of new security regulations plays an important role in promoting user security in regards to privacy regulations such as CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). 

Marketers will have to use security as their primary differentiator. A secure and safe app that respects the privacy of the users, data protection, and free from numerous vulnerabilities will have a positive effect on the growth of the security mindset among mobile apps users. Most companies will be forced to use vulnerability scanner or partner with other security audit firms in their identification of apps weaknesses.


The new mobile apps trends will play an essential role in 2020 as most internet users prefer using mobile phones. Therefore, marketers must fully understand ways of using these apps to deliver the expected value to their customers, as well as promoting their brands.          

Venkatesh C.R. is a serial entrepreneur with a distinct passion for taking nascent businesses to great heights. An early entrant in the mobile application technology, Venkatesh grew his flagship company, Dot Com Infoway to be recognized as one of the world’s leading digital marketing, web, and mobile app development & marketing company. 

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