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Keeping your website up-to-date is one of the most crucial aspects of boosting traffic and attracting clients. Discover the best law firm website designs here.

Are you looking for some inspiration for developing your law firm website design? In the legal industry, a professional and clean website is an important aspect of attracting clients.

Make your site the best it can be by checking out some of these awesome law firm websites. Use some of these ideas to develop or revamp your own site.

1. Bick Law LLP

Bick Law LLP is an environmental law firm, which is something they have seamlessly used to craft their branding and web design. Their homepage features a law/office related backdrop, with an animal overlaying it. This animal is paired with a pun.

For example, a giraffe is pictured with the quote “Knowledge that reaches new height”. Their logo is very strong and clean, and underneath it, they included the text “exclusively environmental”. This is a great idea because this firm can avoid getting contacted for legal services they don’t offer.

This site is clean, yet playful. It gives the firm some personality, while also showing their focus and strengths. Consider adding images to your homepage that can easily convey to viewers what kind of services you offer for convenience and clarity.

2. Robbins Firm

This site offers a great homepage, with primary colors, and an interesting cartoon illustration. While the illustration seems playful, they balance it with text that matches the image and conveys the firm’s mission.

They call themselves a “boutique litigation firm”, and use words such as “creative” and “unique” in their mission statement. These aren’t words you would typically use in the legal field, but it’s a smart way to set them apart. Additionally, including that they are a boutique firm allows potential clients to feel that this firm is small enough to slow down and focus on each client’s specific needs.

When writing the text on your website, it’s a good idea to try to make your firm sound approachable to potential clients. While professional language is good in small doses, too much of it can confuse or overwhelm viewers.

3. Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defense

This site is bold, confident, and a little intimidating. While this approach won’t be best for every firm site, it works perfectly for that of a criminal defense team. The homepage features a bold image of their team, paired with monochromatic, clean, and simple text and backgrounds.

They also feature a page with bios of their defense attorneys. This is a great way for potential clients to learn more about your team before they even contact you. Employee bios can be a great addition to your site, as people value transparency.

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Firm Website Design Inspiration

If you’re looking to take your firm website design to the next level, take some tips from these pros. Consider what kind of work your firm does to form your branding style. Creating a brand around your firm that you can convey on your site is a great way to show clients what you can do for them in a matter of minutes.

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