Alongside the excitement of moving into a new office space, there are many considerations which must be taken into account to create a functional area that works for everyone. A work environment should encourage productivity, inspire connections and transform employees’ lives, all while having the interests of your business at the heart of its design.

That’s why in this article, we’re offering our favorite practical considerations for your first office space. From suitable storage solutions to fostering a positive working environment with your office design, with our top tips, you’ll be on your way to streamlining your office with practicality and productivity at the forefront of the mind.

Select savvy storage solutions

There’s nothing more annoyingly time-consuming than searching through endless documents and folders to find a small piece of data. Having an organized, adaptable shelving system is the key to achieving a functional work space, and is likely to increase your employees’ productivity as a result.

If your new office space has the capacity to facilitate the expansion of your business, keep your storage solutions flexible, so that you can alter them as and when your needs change. While nowadays many documents are paperless, it’s often the unexpected and unavoidable paper which ends up stuffed into overfilled boxes or files. From adjustable shelves which are able to be repositioned, to shelving with space for extra boxes, maximizing your available space can only mean positive rewards for your office organization.

Sharing a workspace means that you’ll need to have ample storage to meet the needs of all of the people who are expected to be working in your office, helping you efficiently avoid unwanted clutter. After all, boosting creativity is often linked to creating the right environment. To make use of every inch of space available, why not consider purchasing double desk workstations with built-in drawers to house any paper which needs to be readily on hand? Alternatively, labelled stand-alone drawer storage which can be moved between office spaces is great for organizing files or loose paper.

Create a positive environment

While it’s essential to attain the perfect working conditions with your office design, a boring office can result in an unproductive space if it’s not the nicest of places to be working in. So, to give your office a boost to reflect the desired mood of your employees, make sure the area is well decorated, as a little effort could go a long way.

Colors are very influential on our mood and brain function, creating physical and emotional responses which in turn can boost your productivity. Blue is particularly associated with logic, and is scientifically claimed to encourage communication. So, if your office encourages conversation, opt for blues and greens to create a positive environment.

Alternatively, to get your employees involved and educate them on the benefits of colour in a working environment, ask them to bring in items from home that inspire them or keep them focused. From desk accessories to postcards or magazine cut outs, allowing your employees to add a touch of personality to their workspace could have more of a positive impact than you initially imagined.

Invest in technology

As the working world is becoming increasingly digital, the technology in your office should be able to keep up with the latest software and developments to ensure that your business stays competitive in its market. With the latest tools, your office could improve connectivity, efficiency and productivity.

There are many technologies which can upgrade your employees’ work life. From wireless sticks which offer increased storage capacity to a power core which ensures that your devices are fully charged and can be charged simultaneously, every little bit helps when it comes to streamlining your employees’ day with productivity at the forefront of the mind.

Not only can technology make your employees’ day a little easier but can also encourage collaboration and office conversation. So, it’s worth ensuring that their devices have the storage capacity to facilitate the installation of in-work apps such as Slack or Google Hangouts, so that staff are able to build relationships, and ultimately produce better results together.

With our tips, we hope you’ll be on your way to creating a practical office space which has functionality at the forefront of its design. With an optimally designed office space, your employees will be able to better focus on their work, leading to increased productivity and ultimately improve the performance of your business. So, what are you waiting for?

Tom Brialey is the Founder and Director of Action Storage, which adopts his philosophy that, in addition to the highest quality products, you must also provide the highest standard of service to your customers in order to succeed. That’s why it’s Tom’s mission to provide expert support 100% of the way.

Photo by Cadeau Maestro from Pexels