3 Practical Ways to Turn Your Creative Passion into an Online Business

Passion is an incredibly important ingredient to a successful company.

By Mansi Dhorda

You’ve probably heard the cliché quote: “Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.”

But for the entrepreneur, it is more relevant to say that if you create a job you love, then you will truly never have to work a day in your life.

Passion is an incredibly important ingredient to a successful company. That is what will keep you going during those critical first few months or years when things get rough, sales are low, and money is tight.

But one thing that often holds entrepreneurs back from turning their true passions into a career is the fact that they don’t see it as a business. Many will pass off their creative skills as hobbies, and very few see the connection between these passions and a profitable company.

However, in today’s globalized digital market, there are fewer barriers than ever for any creative person to turn their projects into their main source of income. Here are three ways you can make it happen!

1. Invest in Your Money-Making Hobbies

Most of us have a hobby or two that we enjoy to help wind down or get the creative juices flowing.

If you have a hobby that is something you love to do (and have talent in), such as painting, creative writing, photography, or crafting, start by looking for ways to improve your skills to help make it marketable. If you are going to make your creative passion your full-time job, you will need to be the best of the best. Therefore, you should make investments to ensure that your venture gets off to a strong start.

For instance, if you enjoy gemology and want to start selling jewelry online, first you may need to take some classes to brush up on your skills, practice new design tactics, and learn how to produce on a larger scale.

By investing in an online course or looking into local classes, you can learn some valuable new skills that can make your products sell much better.

2. Teach Other People About Your Passion

If your creative passion isn’t necessarily related to a product that can be sold online, you may have trouble thinking of a way to turn it into a profitable career. One such way to make a profit off of your talents is by sharing it with others through teaching or mentoring.

The online learning course industry has been booming and shows no signs of slowing down, as 49% of global students have participated in a self-paced e-learning course. Thanks to sites like Coursera, Khan Academy, and Udemy, people can enter the virtual classroom for nearly any subject that interests them.

This presents a great opportunity for you to either partner with these sites or offer an independent course through your own company.

The teaching option is great if your passion is related to a valuable skill, such as speaking another language, baking and cooking, learning how to sew, photography, or creative letter writing and calligraphy.

You can also choose to either pre-record these sessions or hold live webinar classes for a more interactive experience with students, which gives you some flexibility to create your own schedule.

3. See How Others Are Doing It and How You Can Improve

Another thing that often holds entrepreneurs back from perusing a passion as a business is the fact that it has been done before.

It’s true–there are probably hundreds of other e-commerce stores selling home-made pottery or knitted scarves, or teaching how to make chocolate cake from scratch. Unless you have something totally unique and unheard of to bring to the table, there is probably another business offering something similar.

But, this is not necessarily a bad thing, and you shouldn’t fear competition. Instead, look at what they are doing and spot ways that you can improve or differentiate yourself.

What unique spins can you add to make your product or service just a little bit better than the next person’s?

If you create home-made products, perhaps you can offer personalized touches, such as monograms or a hand-written note. If you go down the online course teaching route, you could offer one-on-one communication with your students to explain concepts and answer questions they may have via email or Skype.


If you’re lucky enough to have something that you are truly passionate about, along with the drive and courage to start your own business, you could have the secret recipe to success.

Transitioning the thing that you love into a thing that also makes you money is an incredible gift. Get your creative juices going and see how you can turn that fun weekend hobby into a full-time career.

Mansi Dhorda works at E2M Solutions Inc. – a Digital Marketing Agency. She is well-versed in all things Content Marketing and Branding. During her free time, she runs her Instagram page for handmade accessories. Feel free to hit her up anytime on her Twitter handle: @mansidhorda.

Company passion stock photo by Mohd KhairilX/Shutterstock