By Jeffrey Nelson

Travel can be expensive and cash flow is very important. One of the things you need to think about on a regular basis as an entrepreneur is whether or not to book that next flight. It isn’t always necessary to travel, but it can be something that helps your business, as well as you, in your journey to become a successful entrepreneur.

Stick with me.

We’ll take a deeper dive into some of the more salient points of travel and how they can help your bottom line.

Learning New Things Expands Your Thinking

Getting out of our comfort zone and taking on new challenges is almost never a bad idea. This is especially true for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Expanding your geographic horizons is a great way to help expand your thinking.

Let’s break it down.

The brain likes to be exercised. It likes novel things. This is why you can remember some weird fact, or time, better than something more common. For example, some people set meetings at 3:17 instead of 3:00 or 3:30 because the uniqueness of 3:17 helps it stick better in peoples’ minds.

Either way, it’s a well-known fact that opening yourself up to new experiences helps stir the creative juices and broaden your horizons. Business Insider wrote a great piece on ways to keep getting smarter and challenging yourself. Travelling hits on a few of them.

Learn the Value of Organization, Planning, and Being Frugal

Being organized is very important to most successful people. When your companies livelihood depends on you getting things right, it becomes even more important. This is where some of the organization and planning required to take advantage of epic travel experiences comes in handy.

Business is a system of moving parts, similar to an itinerary. You have deadlines to meet, costs to control, and other people and things that have to come through to make the experience a successful one. Getting into that mindset in other areas of your life, such as booking great trips, can certainly help you hone your skills.

Thinking about how all of these parts go together can definitely help a person.

Be Smart About Travel

Learning to be frugal is also a skill that makes sense for the modern-day entrepreneur. Controlling costs is key however learning the best way to spend them is also key. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive.

Use One of the Many Travel Credit Cards

According to, “Most credit cards offer more perks than just miles and points. Others common benefits include car rental insurance coverage, travel insurance coverage, and travel medical insurance coverage.”

Taking advantage of all the ‘other perks’ as well as the more common things, like miles, can help reduce the total cost of business and leisure trips alike.

Break the Chains of Bad Habits and Free Yourself

We’ve all been stuck in a rut. This can be especially dangerous for an entrepreneur. It can lead to burnout which can lead to actually abandoning an otherwise successful endeavor. Trust me, I’ve been there. The good news is that you can fight this symptom.

Research shows that getting into habits actually changes certain circuitry in our brains.

Crazy, right?

Once we get into these habits, it gets much harder to get out of them. Making a clean break from time-to-time and getting away from it all is a great way to get started on this journey to rewire your brain.

If all you have are great, productive habits that help you then you’re all set. But, if like the rest of us, you have some not-so-pleasant habits you want to eliminate, try heading out for some long-deserved travel.

While ideally it’s a month of laying in the sun and doing nothing but drinking fruity drinks, it will most likely be something less than that. That’s ok. It can even be a business trip; anything works as long as it gets you away from the grind for a few days and lets you refocus on what you need to do.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. In order for you to succeed and win on a regular basis, you need to take advantage of every single thing you can to help you become the best you possible. Perhaps, in 2017, throwing caution to the wind and heading out for some adventure is just what your business needs most.

For some more insights, here is a list of ways travel can make you a better entrepreneur, and a cool infographic, from Expedia.

Jeffrey Nelson is an entrepreneur and business professional who has a passion for helping people find their niche in life. He currently writes for several websites and has his own dedicated to helping people find ways to work from home.