By Jessica Barden

Social media marketing is a cost-efficient and effective way to spread the word about anything in these modern times. In fact, a digital marketer may have to look no further than the major social media platforms when considering how to launch a brand, startup, or product.

However, social media marketing trends are likely to change and evolve over time. What works today may not work tomorrow. This is why we’ve compiled a list of social media marketing trends that would likely be huge in 2018:

1. Social Advertising at a Price


Organic followings are all well and good, but paid advertising is fast taking over the world of social media.  A page manager on Facebook can write excellent content and have high-quality products and services, but they still may not get heard. Hence, they would definitely have to take advantage of paid Facebook ads for their desired traction. Facebook even provides buttons for instant shopping as well as advertisements in the middle of any video they showcase.

A little advertising budget can go a long way on social media in 2018. There are more and more social advertisers every day, so the cost would definitely rise soon. People have also started spending way more on Facebook as a buying platform. This is true for both desktop computer and mobile users.  Hence, you may want to introduce a social media budget or increase the one you already have.

2. Video is the Star

Content may be king, but a video is the most promising form of this. Social media videos are much more likely to be viewed, shared, and engaged with than simple texts or even images. In fact, the probability of a video being shared on social media is 1,200 times more than that of pictures or text posts. In addition to this, the information within a video is highly retained by the viewers.

If a digital marketer or business owner is not utilizing videos too much, it is high time that they start. Sure, making videos requires some technical know-how and a bit more time and effort. The effectiveness of this medium, however, is unmatched by any other, especially in this decade. By the time 2018 ends, it is expected that video would comprise more than three-fourths of internet traffic targeted at consumers.

Needless to say, these statistics are not to be taken lightly. Take this knowledge to do what you can with it. If you can’t brainstorm videos regularly, consider changing some of your text-based posts into video content.

3. Marketing With Influencers

Social media influencers are the real deal, and would likely be in even more demand when 2018 rolls around. These influencers may be celebrities in real life or through social media itself. Whatever the case, they certainly do have a say in what their fans would like to buy. In fact, studies show that almost three-quarters of Internet users base their purchasing decisions on what they see online.

Influencers have the power to increase the demand for your brand and also decrease it. You can ask them for endorsement and reviews by sending them some of your products or providing a service free of charge. However, influencers may not show the return data one expects from them every time. Hence, going after influencers is not without its risks. One should work on getting partner agreements, contracts, and other important legal backings before they jump into influencer marketing.


Some of these trends could be good news; some bad. However, any digital marketer worth his salt would be able to utilize the trends most relevant to his business. Company owners and digital marketers must be on the alert for any trend that could launch their brand above and beyond the others on the market.

Jessica Barden is a Digital Marketer, Blogger and an Online Brand Manager at Writing Bunch. She is an industry expert and guides the budding online marketers regarding the areas of online marketing and brand management. In addition, she is an educator who inculcates her knowledge and insights to enthusiastic students and learners.