By Jessa Barron for NextAdvisor

Because technology is constantly emerging and evolving, business owners have endless options to effectively run their businesses with tools that cut costs, increase productivity and help save the environment by eliminating paper waste. Here are three ways you can to create a paperless office.

1. Faxing

Many businesses still heavily rely on faxing to send, receive and sign important documents. While most of these businesses likely still use a traditional fax machine, there is a cheaper and paperless solution —Internet fax. You not only save desk space with Internet fax, but you also have a means of storing all your important files electronically for extended periods of time. That’s because Internet fax services replace paper with PDF files that can easily be accessed at anytime from anywhere, plus you have the added security of knowing your documents are saved and securely stored. Prices for most Internet fax services range from about $5/month to $15/month, depending on the service. And the best part is you even have the option to keep your current fax number, which makes the transition easy. Read Internet fax reviews to see which service will fit your business’ needs.

2. Meetings

Whether you’re always on the go or your business has multiple locations with employees working from different sites, online meeting software is a viable solution for you. It offers features like audio and video conferencing and instant file sharing of presentations and data reports so you can run a successful meeting even if the participants are not in the same physical location. With so many online meeting options to choose from, it’s important that you select the perfect software for your business. Check out the best meeting software to help determine which is best to cater to your business size and needs.

3. Marketing

Email marketing is a huge tool for all kinds of businesses. It’s proven to drive better engagement with customers, as opposed to traditional forms of marketing, and helps you track trends, likes and dislikes among your clientele. With customization tools, you save time and increase productivity by being able to access pre-made templates and save newsletters for special events, announcements and holidays. Not sure if email marketing is a good tool for your business? Read why you should use email marketing.

By making their office paperless, business owners can remove headaches and unnecessary costs, increase productivity and time efficiency and save on storage space.

Jessa Barron is the content manager at NextAdvisor. Follow her at @NextAdvisor.