By Carrie Burson

With the rapid evolution in a technological world and the fast-paced, competitive environment, it becomes imperative to walk along the trends and technological advancements, to be in the limelight. Today, where the internet has become the only touch point for users, smart handheld devices are also replacing the outdated desktops.

The ubiquity of digital world has enabled business owners and marketers to interact with their customers whenever and wherever they want. The digital assets provide limitless, highly accessible and most efficient services to establish healthy grounds with clients globally.

The finest manner of keeping up with the dynamic and versatile landscape is by creating a highly innovative and exceptionally compelling video marketing. At present, Video is like an expensive tool. They are improvised and are getting better with time. The endlessly looping gifs have become a new source of fun and entertainment. Through social media, text can be added into a video quite easily. Where these engaging techniques are infusing a new life to short vignettes, the new 360-Degree videos have introduced an interactive environment for users.

The 360-degree video is taped using a high-definition camera, which captures a scene through different angles. By clicking the entire surrounding scenery of the object, a viewer can efficiently view the 360 shot using a web or smartphone. All you have to do is tap click or drag to see the full view. It enables users to entice their audiences by facilitating them to view the content through a myriad of angles.

The leading social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all investing a huge amount in advocating the 360-degree videos. It efficiently and productively helps users to advertise their products. As a camera moves to capture the scene, 360-degree video shots are quite different from those of panoramic shots.

Feasibility of 360-Degree Videos:

Is 360-degree video going to prosper in 2017’s list of digital trends?

However, a 360-degree video camera is not that common, but its reducing prices can provide an edge in enhancing their popularity. Incorporating these videos in marketing and promotional campaigns can generate a huge profit to organizations. Things like case studies and product descriptions can be effectively explained using a 360 video rather using the traditional counterparts. Hence, it provides a powerful point for startups to surface themselves within the competitive market.

You surely have heard that a picture explain a thousand word and then comes to the videos, having the ability to deliver millions of messages. However, the introduction of 360 videos has taken things to an entirely next level. When one wants to capture a grand concert, an implausible destination or a heart-pleasing family occasion perfectly and efficiently, 360-degree videos, in a low cost, fulfill their wish. You do not have to purchase expensive goggles or headset to capture the precise moments.

360-Degree Videos on Social Media Platforms

Since the fame of 360-degree videos heated up, many giant social media platforms have started advocating for it. When Facebook initiated live 360-videos, YouTube too could help itself lagging behind and introduced it on its server. Similarly, users belonging to Twitter and Instagram were also facilitated by its wonders within no days.

Each platform is fiercely competing with the others. Facebook has provided an amazing option to its user. You can create your 360-Degree experience by simply uploading a panoramic shot of your scene. It will automatically get converted into an immersive video.


Regardless of a highly immersive and mesmerizing experience, 360 videos do come with some limitations. When one plans to work on standard videos, it becomes easy to deliver your message through multiple storytelling. You can incorporate various locations and scenes in it to enhance its richness. However, according to the survey conducted by YouTube, around 75% people only watch the front 90-degree of a 360-degree video. To engage them for digging deeper into your video you have to make sure your content and material is enticing enough. You have to create an urge among them to swirl deeper into the details.

In A Nut Shell

As per the studies, researches and discussions generated proved that 360-degree videos are more beneficial than the traditional counterparts are. Nevertheless, should you really follow the footstep of this advanced video marketing strategy?

It solely depends on your brand, like all the other things. 360-degree videos go well for business depending upon clear and vivid visuals like retail, automobile and travel agencies- to clearly elaborate their services and provide a comprehensively captured video descriptions. In case your business belongs to a different category, you must wait and analyze before jumping on implementing these videos.

Mobile app development company has developed a smart strategy for their customers to craft out an engaging, captivating and productively profitable 360-videos. These videos if rightly utilized can surely generate phenomenal benefits to a firm.

Carrie Burson is a newbie at Washington DC and is currently delivering her lectures in a couple of well-known universities around the state. She is a graduate of the University of London and has proficient skills of writing in multiple languages. Carrie has a deep interest in researching about the emerging trends and technologies. She mainly takes an interest in tech news, however; she has also developed a keen interest in studying about marketing and its assets. The papers written by her are proficiently flawless and highly productive.