Mobile usage has reached new heights, and it is so significant in today’s world that as a website owner you must have a mobile-friendly website. It is not an option anymore; you must go for it to survive the race.

By Liakat Hossain

Mobile-friendly websites load fast, are easy to navigate, readable, and images also load correctly. All these results in excellent user experience.

It would be a hectic task for business owners to choose a web design company again to build a different mobile site for them. Hiring professionals would also require money. Wouldn’t it be nice if these problems could have been resolved with a few clicks and that too without any expertise?

Yes, it is possible to do so. They are quite a few great WordPress plugins that take the load off your shoulder. We have listed some of them below:

  1. WP Touch

WP Touch is one of the best plugins to create a mobile responsive site. It lets you convert your existing website into a mobile responsive one at the cost of a few clicks. It recognises when someone visits a section from a mobile device and automatically displays a mobile-optimised version. You always have two versions of your site ready to go with this plugin.


  • WP Touch provides a powerful admin panel to create a mobile version of your website. There are sections like Core Settings, Themes & Extensions, Theme Settings and Menus. Each of them serves different purposes.
  • From Core Settings, you can select a specific landing page for the mobile site, and that may be any other page apart from your homepage.
  • There is an option to switch between the mobile site and the desktop version.
  • Theme Settings allows you to customise theme color, header, typography. You can also upload a logo, icons for high and low resolution, add a footer and social media links.
  • You can choose what to display in the menu option, add or delete from it.


It has a free version. For advanced functionality, there are some paid versions too. They have four different plans Go Pro, Business/Mobile store, Developer and enterprise starting from $79, $189, $259 and $359 respectively.

  1. Any Mobile Theme Switcher

In case you wish to have different themes for different devices and browsers, Any Mobile Theme Switcher is the rescue.


  • It can detect different devices and browsers.
  • It offers the option to have a different homepage for various devices.
  • Support for any problem is available.


Any mobile theme Switcher has a free version and a pro version too. If you are looking for more features, you need to go for the pro version that has a license key available from $10 to $100. It comes with seven days of trial. The free version is decent enough to get started.

  1. Jetpack

Jetpack is a cost-effective, easy solution to your mobilizing problem.


  • Once you get the plugin, it takes the responsibility of simplifying your task.
  • The dashboard helps you design, optimise and publish updates to your site.
  • You can add a contact form without sharing your email with the users, and they can still get in touch with you.
  • Readily available tools for publicizing.
  • You can customise your theme and get a whole new look if you are familiar with PHP and CSS.
  • Options like Site Stats and Spelling and Grammar are also available.


Just like others, jetpack has a free version too. And it has three cost-effective plans naming Personal, Premium and Professional starting from $3.50, $9 and $29 per month respectively.

  1. WordPress Mobile Pack

All the plugins mentioned above can serve your purpose. What WordPress Mobile Pack can do is, transform your website into an excellent looking, convenient mobile app. Applications are comfortable to use. It supports all major browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It provides the top class user experience.


  • Mobile pack is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • Creates a responsive menu option to fit any mobile screen.
  • Analytics, barcode widget, and mobile ad widget allow website owners to monitor traffic.
  • It customises theme appearance, header image, and the color.


It has both a free and a paid version. The paid versions start from $99. There are three different plans – Freelancer, Agency, and VIP. They cost $99, $249 and $499 per year respectively.


One can’t ignore the importance of responsive sites at this age. It takes the user experience to the next level. There are many more plugins apart from the mentioned ones above to get the job done. You can use any of them. Almost all of them offer free versions. Get started with free versions, and once you find them convenient, you can upgrade to the paid version if needed.

Liakat Hossain is a web strategist at WebAlive, a web design and development company. He has been helping businesses grow by developing search and content marketing strategies since 2011. Connect with him via Twitter.

WordPress stock photo by Profit_Image/Shutterstock