More and more companies are looking to sell internationally to remain profitable. Thanks to new technologies, emerging markets and opportunities in a more interconnected world, businesses now need employees with international business experience.

Now is the best time to start if you’re looking to build a career in international business. You’ll be glad to know that, for the astute job seeker, there are countless opportunities out there.

Furthermore, there is less competition for available jobs because international business is an emerging field. Additionally, international business covers many industries including governments and NGOs, which means there is a role for everybody.

To take advantage of a global economy, companies are actively seeking out employees who will act as polished brand ambassadors for their products and services.

In today’s post, we look at four areas of business that require international expertise. We also share some important jobs to consider if you’re going into international business.

Let’s start.

Areas of Business That Require International Experience

The following areas of business require candidates with relevant education and experience in international business.

You must develop broad and cross-cultural skills you need to face both challenges and opportunities that come with an increasingly interconnected global market.

Many companies need employees with at least a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. A master’s degree in international business allows you to land the most lucrative of jobs.

Business Development

Many companies in the developed world are looking to expand into emerging markets in developing and middle-class countries.

With huge growth opportunities in these global markets, international businesses need experienced business development professionals to “…provide the necessary legal, financial, and cultural bridges between supplier and consumer.”

Jobs in international business development include roles such as:

  • International business analyst
  • Director of international growth
  • Head of international business operations
  • Regional experts (e.g. Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East business development)


Business economics is a tough nut to crack, especially in international business. As such, companies are actively looking for competent practitioners with strong analytical skills and relevant experience in economics.

They are looking for people who can apply statistical methods, manipulate data, research, interpret relationships between economic indicators, and drive international economic growth, among other things.

Job roles in international economics are all about understanding economic theory and principles in a dynamic and ever-changing international marketplace.

In other words, jobs in this category mostly involve applying economic theory to solve real-world problems for multinational firms.

Some jobs in the area of international business and economics include:

  • International trade manager
  • Economist
  • Political analyst
  • International research associate

International Banking and Finance

International banking and finance is the third area of business that requires experience in international business.

This area is especially attractive to candidates who have already studied accounting or finance. It covers the role of various banking systems and finance in international business.

International banking and finance is the field you want to join if you fancy analyzing international finance markets and institutions.

Employees in international banking and finance have skills in areas such as bank financial management, analytics, financial econometrics, and portfolio management, among others.

Popular job roles in international banking and finance include:

  • Global finance and management analyst
  • Foreign investment manager
  • Compliance officer – foreign exchange and international banking
  • Microfinance program coordinator

Global Purchasing and Logistics

“Global Sourcing is the procedure of sourcing goods and services from the international market throughout geopolitical boundaries. It is essential because firms sourcing from both inside and outside their country borders are better able to compete.” –

Many international businesses engage in global purchasing and logistics for many reasons such as cheaper raw materials, low-cost labor, tax breaks and low trade tariffs in other regions.

As examples, think of cheaper clothing manufactured in China and call centers in India. Companies take this route to lower production costs and remain competitive in the international market.

To achieve this successfully, global organizations are often in need of skilled professionals such as:

  • Import/export specialist
  • Global commodity manager
  • Global supply manager
  • International logistics coordinator

As you can see from our article, there are many job opportunities in international business. Any avid candidate can easily find the perfect role to create a lucrative career that spans borders.

How to Find Employees with International Business Experience

That out of the way, how do you find employees with international business experience? Well, that’s incredibly easy.

Firstly, you can start by hiring employees with international studies degree. Such candidates have relevant education, experience and skills to meet your goals as you take your business international.

Secondly, if finding the right candidate via in-house interviews proves difficult, you can always check with local and foreign recruitment agencies. These agencies usually offer large databases of vetted employees at a fee.

Thirdly, you can work with freelance consultants to find the right employees. Consultants are usually more experienced in the field and can actually lead your team in the right direction.

Final Words

As more companies become more globalized, you can expect the demand for employees with international experience to grow.

Candidates with the right mix of education and experience will thrive in days to come. Businesses, too, stand to benefit from a better trained and experienced workforce.

Where do you stand in all this? Please let us know your thoughts.

Annie Qureshi is a serial entrepreneur and writer for Sustainable Business Forum. She embraces ecommerce opportunities that go beyond profit, giving back to non-profits with a portion of the revenue she generates. She is significantly more productive when she has a cause that reaches beyond her pocketbook. Twitter: @annierqureshi

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