By Anum Yoon

Modern technology is responsible for the constant change in marketing tactics. New apps are released every day that could alter how marketers reach their customers. That’s what makes marketing such a challenging, yet rewarding occupation.

Today’s technology also makes it difficult for marketers to maintain a customer’s interest. Nearly unlimited access to media, games and social apps shortens everyone’s attention spans when they’re on their phones. People can jump ship quickly and move on to a new brand because it’s easy.

This is why preserving customer loyalty will be very important in 2016 — which means keeping up with the new marketing trends going into the New Year. Here are the four biggest customer loyalty trends for 2016.

1) Increase in Mobile

Marketers won’t be able to survive in 2016 unless they embrace mobile marketing.

Everyone is always attached to their phones, which makes mobile marketing a necessity for brands. Customers will become more loyal to companies who can satisfy their needs by presenting solutions directly on their smart phones.

One way mobile could grow is through the evolution of apps. Apps will change from helpful features for your pocket to everyday necessities. They will be able to change the way you live and make everything that you do much easier for you. Brands will be able to develop apps that help you on a daily basis. Once customers are dependent upon your app, they will be loyal to you forever.

2) Virtual Reality

Customers will want to be on the set of commercials with the actors.

Well, not physically on set. But headsets and 360-degree cameras have virtual reality on the rise. It won’t be long until you’re walking down the street and seeing people sitting on a bench wearing virtual reality glasses.

Although this technology is primarily being used for video games, it can enhance video-watching experiences as well. Imagine being able to turn your head and look around while watching a commercial.

Companies can have fun with this technology and make the customer look behind them to view a hidden scene. This interactivity will get people talking about your brand, and your loyal customers will be impressed with your use of the new technology. Virtual reality will be the next big thing that marketers can use to increase customer engagement.

3) Multiple Channels

How many apps do you have on your phone? Probably a lot. Now, how many apps on your phone have to do with social media?

Brands can reach their customers in many ways. That’s why multichannel marketing is important. You have to utilize as many traffic streams as possible to get people interested in your product or service.

Multichannel marketing will be even more important in 2016. More apps will be released, and companies need to be a part of the new social media phenomenon to seem relevant to the customers. They also need to ensure that their message is getting across on all platforms in order to reach the largest amounts of people.

Although you should be present on several different social media apps, only take advantage of the ones that your customers go to. If you’re selling concrete then you shouldn’t be on Pinterest. Figure out where your customers are going, and engage them on those platforms.

People are constantly swiping from one app to the next, and marketers need to keep up with the popular social media trends to get their message across.

4) Personalization

Brands that personalize their content will be the ones that maximize customer loyalty in 2016.

Personalizing your content is essential because the move makes your customer feels fully engaged: Once they have an emotional connection to your product, they’ll be willing to stick with your brand for a long time.

You can personalize your brand with a few different approaches in 2016. You can use available data to learn more about isolated demographics. You can then create specific content for those people based on their interests, to pique their curiosity and fully engage them.

You can also use their location to personalize your brand. If they live in a snowy area like Chicago or Buffalo, make sure that they are seeing advertisements for snow equipment that you sell. You can also tell them the weather forecast for their area so they have a reason to buy the equipment. The companies that personalize their brand the most will hold on to their most loyal customers.

Make Your Brand About The Customers

2016 will be the year of the customers. They are your main priority, so make sure everything that you do caters to them.

Anum Yoon is a freelance writer and blogger who started and maintains Current on Currency, a personal finance blog for 20-somethings. Catch her on Twitter @anumyoon.