man wearing headset looking at monitor

By Beth Walthew

Unfortunately, running a telemarketing campaign is not as simple as just becoming educated about a product or service and then calling people to tell them about it. Managing a successful campaign is a complex business, and while every campaign is different you can encounter many of the same problems and challenges with any telemarketing endeavour.

S1. Setting Realistic Goals and Expectations

Before embarking on any campaign it is essential to review what expectations you may have, if you aren’t realistic there is the possibility that you will become disappointed if the campaign doesn’t perform how you expected. Nothing good comes from disappointment, a domino effect will establish within your team and it will only breed a reduction in confidence and motivation followed by a decrease in productivity. Remember that results from telemarketing are rarely instant, a common misconception is that a result can be gained from only one call, the reality is that it takes repeat contact and multiple calls to get a conversion.

2. Dealing with Data

Up to date data is absolutely key, as soon as data is collected it starts to become out of date so, old databases and data lists should be avoided unless there is a plan to update them prior to carrying out a telemarketing campaign. Working from old data can waste a lot of time because you can spend a lot of time contacting prospects that may not even work at that company any more.

Unless you are collecting the data yourself then pre-screening the data should be considered as it will save you time in the long run. If you are outsourcing your data it may not all be relevant or suitable for the purpose of the campaign. Spend time removing any companies or contacts that would not be worth contacting, you would not want to start marketing SEO services to marketing agencies. The time that may have been wasted contacting irrelevant people can be better spent contacting more warm prospects.

3. The Telemarketing Team

To make a campaign successful you need a team who are confident that they can achieve the goals of the campaign. All telemarketers are different and some find it easier to get stuck into more complex campaigns while others thrive when dealing with less detailed campaigns. A team should be compiled of a team of callers who are comfortable with the campaign and know that they can achieve good results because they enjoy that type of calling. If you are a small business carrying out a telemarketing campaign can be difficult and expensive, getting together a team of callers when you have very few employees is a challenge. The added benefit of outsourcing your telemarketing is that they are the experts, they are highly experienced and so is their team of telemarketers.

Think about it like this, if you received a telemarketing call from someone who didn’t seem interested in the subject of the call or wasn’t confident and you were contacted by someone who was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, who would you be more likely to purchase from? Generally, a telemarketing campaign is only as good as the people on the phones making the calls.

4. Positivity

A telemarketing campaign can take a while to get going and it can often take some time to start seeing any results. It can also become frustrating when you can’t get in contact with the right people, ideally you’re aiming to get to talk to the decision makers but, more often than not they are very busy and you are unlikely to reach them on your first call.

Spending a lot of time on something but having little to show for it can be disheartening. However, as the campaign progresses and the more calls are made, the data becomes updated with each and every call which in turn means that it is becoming more accurate. So, it is essential to stay positive and motivated because you don’t know what is round the corner, your next call could be the one you are waiting for.

Beth Walthew is the market research director at Prospect Research where she oversees all market research work for clients and looks after all HR, operations and finance for the company.