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Although the primary goal of an attorney should be to offer clients effective representation, research indicates lawyers also need to have strong websites and online presences to attract new clients. Studies and surveys have revealed that most people search the Internet when seeking law firms.

Owners of small law firms that mainly serve clients who live near their offices should specifically focus on perfecting their websites’ local SEO. Because law firm marketing and SEO can be more complex than some realize, an attorney operating a small firm may want to partner with experts to ensure their site’s SEO strategy is optimal.

In the meantime, if you run a firm, you can also apply the following essential local SEO tips for small law firms. While there are no substitutes for expert assistance, they can improve a site’s SEO fast.

Take Advantage of Google My Business

Google remains by far the most popular search engine among Internet users. Any local business can thus improve their SEO by ensuring their site and strategy are optimized to leverage Google My Business features.

Leveraging Google My Business’ strengths is also fairly simple. All you have to do is create a Google My Business page and account, ensure the information provided via your Google My Business page (such as your hours) is accurate, and frequently encourage your satisfied clients to leave reviews on your My Business page. Be genuine and positive when responding to any negative reviews as well.

Use Targeting Features on Social Media

Your website and Google My Business page aren’t necessarily the only components of your law firm’s online presence. You can also attract more clients by actively maintaining social media pages and advertising your services on social media.

Advertising on social media is particularly ideal for small law firms because social media platforms typically allow marketers to target users based on such factors as age range and location. When running ads for your firm on social media, use these features to ensure those who see your ads live in your area and are members of the demographic groups you most often serve.

Include Local Content in Your Blog Strategy

A blog or or vlog can play a critical role in the success of a law firm. A blog gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise. That’s particularly important when your work requires having a unique degree of professional knowledge and experience.

Just remember to incorporate local content into your overall blog strategy. While you can still post general blogs, such as “California Personal Injury Claims: How to Seek Compensation,” you should also establish yourself as a local authority by posting about relevant local news, events, and similar topics. You can achieve even greater results by posting about such topics on social media as well.

Create Multiple Landing Pages

Odds are good your firm serves clients in several towns and cities in your region. Potential clients seeking a law firm in their area will often use the specific names of the cities and neighborhoods in which they live when looking for an attorney online. For example, one potential client might search for “Brooklyn personal injury law firm,” while another might Google “Queens personal injury law firm.”

Thus, it’s wise to invest in landing pages for each specific location you serve. True, this initially costs more time and money than having one general landing page for each service you offer, but the results will justify the investment in the long run.

Again, remember that these are also just a few basic tips to keep in mind. To thoroughly improve your law firm’s local SEO, continue to research new developments in local SEO best practices, and strongly consider enlisting the help of experts.

Jenna Cyprus is a freelance writer from Renton, WA who is particularly interested in travel, nature, and parenting. Follow her on Twitter.

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