Four Smart Startup Ideas

By Megan Totka

There are endless small business ideas, and what defines the “best” small business opportunity depends on the aspiring entrepreneur’s skill set and personality. As you consider the best ideas for your future business, think about which options you can run efficiently using digital technologies. Today any small business owner who wants to run a business can with Internet access and a smart phone. Not sure what business idea is ideal for you? Take a look at these 4 small business ideas that will thrive with the help of an effective digital marketing campaign.

 Marketing Services

Many business owners have an idea of how they plan to market their business. However, executing that plan may be an entirely different story – especially if they have little to no marketing experience.

This is where your expertise comes into play. As an independent marketing professional, you have the ability to work with small businesses that do not have the bandwidth to execute those plans. You can write their blog posts, solidify their SEO strategy and do whatever else it takes to get the name of their business out there. In order to attract small business owners, ensure your website is updated and easy for users to navigate across all devices. Take a minute to learn the top tips for better online marketing and advertising too.

Independent Sales

Another small business opportunity that has a low investment and quick potential return on investment is an air-freshener business. Not only do you have the ability to pick your own territory, but it requires minimal training to launch the business and you do not have to store a lot of products. The need for commercial air-fresheners is growing – without these odor neutralizing fresheners, public restrooms and the workplace would not smell pleasant. The odor would negatively impact foot traffic and put a damper on company morale. If you launch an air-freshener business, make sure to optimize your website for mobile and encourage customer reviews. These two simple actions can help your business grow tenfold.

Social Media Manager

Many businesses don’t realize they need to market on social media, but marketing in this way is quite beneficial when done well. If you are savvy on your phone and know how to efficiently communicate online, you just might have a future in helping manage social media platforms for other businesses. One thing you need to remember is to not solely blast followers with promotions. You can use digital marketing to share valuable content with your target audience so that when you do mix in a promotion on occasion, they’re much more responsive.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writers are not employed by a company or organization; instead they produce content that is needed by clients often. If you decide to start a freelancing business, you can write for people all over the country from the comfort of your own home. A cost-effective way to digitally market your freelance business is to start a blog on your website. Freelance writing is a competitive industry, so you need to create interesting content that is SEO friendly, puts the audience first and shows readers they can trust you.

If you’re looking for a promising business idea and intend to utilize digital marketing to advertise it, these four ideas can help you find great success. As a small business owner, utilizing and taking advantage of digital marketing is vital if you want your business to grow. Choose a business that meets your needs and then learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition. You can do it!

Megan Totka is the Chief Editor for helps small businesses grow their business on the web and facilitates connectivity between local businesses and more than 7,000 Chambers of Commerce worldwide. She specializes on the topic of small business tips and resources and business news. Megan has several years of experience on the topics of small business marketing, copywriting, SEO, online conversions and social media. Megan spends much of her time establishing new relationships for, publishing weekly newsletters educating small business on the importance of web presence, and contributing to a number of publications on the web. Megan can be reached at

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