By Lucinda Smith

As a small business owner, efficiency and productivity can be a key driver to business success. However this can only be achieved if your workforce is provided with the correct tools and training to do so. Here are a few business efficiency tips that will improve your small business:

1. Create and update business processes. Every organization needs a business processes so they have a firm infrastructure for business’s functions to feed into. Think of it as a set of guidelines (you might already have it in place and not realise).

A good way to start off is to document how things in your business are done and create a processes file. This can be done through online document management and will allow all members of staff to access information at any time. Consider creating a set of templates for everyone to access, this will provide structure and will make your business work more efficiently

2. Communication network. Communication is a key factor to business’s success. Investing in an intranet and email system for your business will enable your staff communicating news with each other. Make sure that training is provided to all members of staff when introducing new communication methods, and ensure the change management is in place. Some may adapt to the changes better than others, identifying potential issues beforehand will allow you managing your team’s productivity effectively. So be prepared, think and act in advance!

3. Capitalize on office space. Your office will be one of your main sources of expenditure in your business, so make the most of it. As workforce expands, new premises may be needed. However get the most out of your current office space before making the decision to move. Invest in space saving furniture such as vertical shelving and movable desks. This will allow you to move things around easily to accommodate new people.

4. Go green. If you haven’t already considered going green then this is a cost saving tip you are missing out on. Introduce recycling bins in the office and consider going paperless. This will reduce the amount of money that you currently spend on printing and paper, whilst leaving you money that you could invest in other areas to make your business more efficient.

These four business efficiency tips will aid your small business in becoming more efficient by eliminating unnecessary costs. Investing in technology and training will allow your workforce communicating easier and working more efficiently, which will have a positive impact on your productivity. If all you do is make a few changes, then these would be the ones to start with.

As a young entrepreneur and business blogger, Lucinda Smith has developed a passion for helping small and medium sized businesses grow. Smith focuses on using technology and software solutions to save businesses time and money. Follow her at @LucindaDNS.