Becoming Tech Titans

By Meghan Belnap

In the tech industry, there are a vast number of competing companies. Many of these companies are producing products that push the envelope. These companies also have well established branding, loyal customers and can often be difficult to get a leg up on by newer players in the tech industry. To become a true tech titan, there are a few ways an up-and-coming player in the industry can pull ahead of the pack.

Make WIFI Compatible Products

Customers desire more and more automation and remote access to the products they purchase and use. This means that WIFI-based products are a must for any company seeking to be a tech industry leader. Not only are customers looking for WIFI connectivity to the products they purchase and use, but they also prefer voice activation and control capabilities as well.

Use High Quality Materials

When it comes to the manufacturing of electronic products, high tech companies need to use quality, cost effective materials. For example, it is often better to use graphite materials when choosing EDM electrodes, because they are more versatile and cost less than copper electrodes, for example. In addition, graphite electrodes experience less wear under use in tech manufacturing applications.

Offer 24/7 Customer Service

Nothing says that a company is customer friendly like when a business offers 24/7 customer service. Customers prefer to be able to contact someone with problems they are having when it is most convenient for the customer. This is one area that even a lot of tech companies overlook. The old model of calling during normal working hours is an outdated model that does not really fit well within the new high-tech user paradigm. There is also the matter of how many customer service calls turn into an increase in sales volume if treated the right way. So, some genuine thought needs to go into how to make 24/7 customer service options and portholes serve the needs of the company as much as they serve the needs of the customer.

Make How-to Videos for Products

When releasing new tech-based products, it is important to release videos that explain how the product works. This is especially important for products that have a lot of features and hidden features. How-to videos help customers to realize the full extent of functionality a company’s product is providing them with respect to the money they are spending to obtain that degree of convenience and functionality. It is also a good idea to pay product review vlogs to show potential customers how easy the product is to use and to encourage promoters to discuss innovative ways to use these products to reach a wider segment of the consumer base.

The Latest Product Release

There are a lot of people anticipating the next great tech product that hits the market. The first company to release a useful, ground-breaking gadget brings a new level of awareness to how far the tech industry has been able to reach with its ability to manufacture new products for the marketplace. Companies that get a jump on cutting edge innovation end up winning the praise and loyalty of consumers everywhere. So, it is always smart for a company to figure out what product releases could position that company in the path of receiving massive brand recognition.

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Tech stock photo by REDPIXEL.PL/Shutterstock